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“If tears were words…”

Japan has simply given us so much.  Following the devastating Great Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami, March 11th, 2011 we wondered what we could do, for a place and a people so loved. How could we help. We made the decision to quickly head north to begin documenting, volunteering and assisting in relief efforts.


“To remind the world that a headline one day replaced with another the next, is still a life for someone…”

Upon returning to Tokyo we shared our reflections “The Black Mouth” here on the blog which subsequently went viral and has been since translated into many languages. Using this unexpected voice, as photographers and storytellers we are now dedicated to continuing to create awareness of the current situation in Tohoku for the international community in Japan and the global one beyond. We will do this for as long as it takes, visiting each month and recording real stories, connecting with and following the people, through words + the power of images. It is all we can do. We keep in our hearts to do what we can then a little bit more.

Thank you for sharing & remembering.

Dee & Trace x

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