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37 Frames | Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Tiffany + Miles - A Nashville Love Story 2 (The Pre-Shoot) - 37 Frames
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Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Tiffany + Miles – A Nashville Love Story 2 (The Pre-Shoot)

37Frames Tracey TaylorDee Green - TiffanyMiles PRE Shoot - 11.10.6-148

Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Tiffany + Miles – A Nashville Love Story 2 (The Pre-Shoot)

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”  ~ Aaron Rose

Well hello Monday. Thank you so much to all our fabulous clients who attended our iconic Shibuya Mini-Sessions yesterday. It was a back-to-back gloriously warm day… seriously where did autumn go? And what an amazingly chaotic and wonderful time we had tearing back and forth across the famous scramble, pulling off shots even we’re surprised at, getting the warmest cuddles, creating a commotion at Hachiko and having security cheering for us and letting us get away with just about anything…

So Shibuya is a world away from today’s post where we are transported to the magic South, in the heart of Tennessee… sharing the start of a truly special love story. Here are Tiffany + Miles. And their pre-wedding shoot. Seriously the stuff of goose bumps and fairy-tales. If they weren’t gorgeous enough (I mean really, they had us at the footwear…) then there were the breathtaking grounds of Historic Cedarwood we were let loose on. And we cannot thank Miles + Tiff enough for allowing us this incredible opportunity. To document their love under the mentorship of celebrity photographer Bob Davis and his superstar wife Dawn, styled by mother of the bride Arline Beets and her team from Ace Photography based in Nashville. Around every corner was endless inspiration. And it all started by Mooncake Lake. Truly, what a name. A private haven tucked away on Cedarwood’s 50 acre nature preserve. A vintage wooden rowboat and a golden backdrop of fall foliage. And of course the light… thank you for arranging the light. We were all beyond breathless. 

And then… really… they rowed the boat. On a lake of golden spotlights.

Dee’s ultimate favorite… taken by Trace.

As if that weren’t enough we then all went on a little secret walk, not having a clue what was next. Well, Trace didn’t – I did, because Dawn whispered in my ear (she couldn’t help herself, and I soon understood why). And we all know Trace can’t keep a secret. Ever. So off we went, crossed a stepping-stone laced creek, walked past the most delightful little bench, turned left and were met by a field. With a bed in it. And a delightful red chaise lounge. Honestly. Trace almost passed out with excitement. We both did. It was all adorable. Quilts, antique cases, chic pillows and sweet bouquets had us all dazzled. And then Tiff jumped up on the bed, and the sun started to set and it was enchanting. Love was in the air. Tiffany was divine. And Miles, totally classically cool.  Those golden sunbeams streaking through the late Tennessee afternoon.

Trace’s ultimate favorite…taken by Dee.

And then of course, as you do, in a field, under the setting sun… you have a pillow fight. It was ethereal and quite fabulous, even though Miles announced as the feathers started to fly that he was allergic. Never mind the shoot goes on, and the love flows and it is more than anyone could have asked for. Intimate and real and just, exactly them.

The light was so dreamy – that we didn’t need to touch up much at all in post.  Just a little signature Trace & Dee pop, with the rest being all created in camera. With our background in landscape photography, we know just how precious those golden minutes are, those few moments where the natural light creates all the magic for you… if you know how to use it. Fortunately, our experience in frantic scrambling to make use of this magic hour light, coupled with Bob’s expert direction in trying different white balances and settings, and Tiffany & Miles being lost in each other’s affections, it all culminated in an incredible afternoon light show with some quite wild sunbeams and flare. And so much love. Yes, even we couldn’t have been more in love with life at that very moment.

A walk down the garden path left the bed and feathers behind. Love this little moment between them as the sun said goodbye.

Now just because the sun has gone doesn’t mean the show is over. Now it’s time to create our own light. And Bob taught us all sorts of lighting creations. It was time for some night imagery, beautifully lit with the barn of this 1830’s antebellum estate as the backdrop.  We could all see the love and light and moments in between.

And that was that. The exquisite pre-wedding shoot. We were dizzy thinking about what the wedding would bring. We wouldn’t have to wait long… it was just the next day… and we cannot wait to share it here soon. Here’s to love and light and romance on rolling fields…



  • Helen nash / 17 October 2011 8:23

    Oh my god! Oh my god! OMG!!!!!!! It’s like something out of a historical romance novel. How amazing. So different from your regular urban chic. How will they ever choose?

  • Eleanor / 17 October 2011 9:33

    Wow just wow. How are the actual weddign photos going to top these? Wow.

  • keiko / 17 October 2011 9:38

    Can japanese bride have wedding day in Cedarwood in USA? It like in my dreams.

  • Mio'sMama / 17 October 2011 9:44

    Holy WOW!!! These photos are breathtaking and just make your heart pound with L-O-V-E! So beautiful!

  • A.G / 17 October 2011 9:46

    Will we see you at PhotoFest Japan? I have so many questions to ask. Can I take up your time? Please email me.

    • dee+trace / 18 October 2011 10:03

      We’ll put in a little appearance. Look forward to meeting you.

  • Joei Lau / 17 October 2011 3:56

    fabulous!!!! wish I could have one more wedding….hahaha!

  • jen / 17 October 2011 10:57

    Love you guys, love these images! Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see you again in February…VEGAS BABY!!! <3

    • dee+trace / 18 October 2011 10:02

      “Las Vegas – my favorite desert mirage.” Will be great to hang out again. With a little more time to really play in sin city ;-) See you in Feb x

  • DAWN DAVIS / 18 October 2011 4:05

    LOVE these images!!! It was such a pleasure having you with us at our workshop. Dee + Trace, we love you both so much and can’t wait to see the changes you make in the photography industry in Japan! xxoxxoxoxoxoxo!!! Miss you both so much! ~ Dawn

    • dee+trace / 18 October 2011 10:10

      We are telling the world about your workshops Dawn. It’ll be a long time before our photography is at the level of the AMAZE-ZING team of Bob & Dawn Davis, but it’s all a step towards reaching goals and continued growth. We will change the wedding photography world over here. Or die trying ;-) Thank you always for sharing your knowledge and wisdom and making the industry stronger with your presence. What’s next?

  • Linda at Cedarwood / 18 October 2011 9:25

    You are gifted! Such gorgeous images. Congrats Tiffany and Miles!

  • Arline at Ace Photography / 19 October 2011 9:58

    OMG! I love every photo. So amazing it takes my breathe away. I can feel the love and the warmth of the sun. These photos just make me happy I know the Tiffany and Miles will love them even more.

  • KEIKO .M / 21 October 2011 8:14

    I just dream to have photo shoot here too!
    So beautiful couple they are ! as same as stunning back ground!
    Love it on the boat and even romantic dark shade !!

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