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Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Mio & Tomohiro

Mio and Tomohiro. Tokyo American Club. May 12, 2012.

Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Mio & Tomohiro

“Love is like the sea. It’s a moving thing, but still and all, it takes its shape from the shore it meets, and it’s different with every shore. ”  ~ Zora Neale Hurston

Love. Exciting and new. Come aboard. We’re expecting you…So here we go with the weekend and that most retro of theme songs to start the show. Sharing one of our recent weddings, featuring a match made on the high seas. Navigating a course firmly guided by love, romance and with a dash of quirkiness on the side. Mio & Tomohiro, we so loved being part of your beautiful day. Peppered with perfect, perfect details you could only expect from an Art Director. Including gorgeous Made-in-Italy gowns, some quite fantastic suspenders, a bow tie and those stunning floral arrangements all made by Mio’s fabulous and very talented mum. The wreath bouquet…hearts melted…it was wreath bouquet…sigh. It was all about feeling at home, welcome and warm, the reception low-key and real, emotional and always moving. With some very, very fun friends in the crew and a doting family. And an absolute love and respect for photography. Cameras everywhere. From the groom to the grooms father to the guests. There was a ceremony with a kiss, a flurry of photos through the stunning interiors of TAC and moments to just be…taking it all in. Whether in a spotlight, in a quiet corner, through laughter, touching speeches or in sweet, sweet glances. Naturally chic, always. We set sail with the wedding preparations…always a favorite way to start the trip…

And she is stunning. And we LOVE that he is always nearby. Taking photos of her. His breathtaking bride.

And the smiles started with no ending in sight…

Seriously…the flowers…just so Mio, just so right. And from here it is totally unassisted sailing as we go on a photo whirlwind featuring icons, a quick rehearsal and then it’s tacking straight on to the main show.

Time to make it, oh, so real.

And now anchored in love, it was time to be together. Taking the day in – the emotions, the joy and this most beautiful of reasons to celebrate life.

Batten down the hatches. It’s full steam ahead to the reception. And the fabulous affair that awaits…

And what’s better than one Made-in-Italy wedding dress? Two of course. And another grand entrance as is often custom here in Japan. This time featuring that most gorgeous of wreath bouquets. Lovelovelovelovelove. (The  happy couple very generously gave away this bouquet to the lucky guest who found an almond in her slice of wedding cake…a new take on the bouquet toss. Seriously…) As Mio’s finishing touches were applied Tomohiro had just a moment to power up with his premeditated collection of elixirs. Lovethatoo.

And off we go to the always emotional Second Act. Speeches. Toasting. More toasting. And grateful thanks always.

It was a magical voyage. This very first leg. Mio & Tomohiro we so loved being part of it. As you throw off the bowlines and sail away from the safe harbor we hope you catch those magnificent trade winds in your sails. Always. And that your life, in the words of Mark Twain, will see you explore, dream and discover together.

With much love, Trace & Dee x


  • Monica Grace / 25 May 2012 11:18

    We were talking about your photography earlier today and we were saying that what makes it different, and what makes it speak to people, is the emotion that you capture. I have loved this wedding season of yours so much and reading the posts and seeing the photos, I feel like I know the couples. Each and every photo is a story in itself. Kudos to you both. And congratulations to the happy couple.

  • dee+trace / 25 May 2012 11:25

    You’re always so supportive Monica. THANK YOU!

  • Nathan Holritz / 26 May 2012 12:47

    @37frames You all are amazing. Stunning work

  • ai / 27 May 2012 11:35

    I love the suspender shots!!!!!

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