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37 Frames | Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Momoko + Alexander - The Wedding - 37 Frames
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Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Momoko + Alexander – The Wedding

Momoko and Alexander. June 16, 2012.

Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Momoko + Alexander – The Wedding

“Pearls are always appropriate.” ~  Jackie Kennedy

It started with a story. Which is just perfect for us because we’re all about the story. Especially if it’s a really fabulous story. Featuring a fast-moving train. With a proposal on that platform, a dash of drama, beautiful people, boundless love and energy and quite simply the most exquisite accessories. Of all-time. So we knew it was going to be some wedding…we simply couldn’t wait. The stuff of modern day fairy-tales and dreams. A breathtaking Manor, hidden in the middle of the city. A sweeping staircase, stunning balconies and the most magnificent grounds. It was a world away from Tokyo. And yet that’s right where we were. It was finally wedding day for Momo & Alex, our gorgeous, head-over-heels-in-love, dynamo of a couple. And the fact that it was raining may have been a saving grace. For us all. Life doesn’t always go according to plan, especially in rainy season, in Japan. Which is why we always have a beautiful Plan B and a brolly nearby. Because seriously this venue was so stunning and so over-flowing with inspiration they may never have gotten to the alter if we’d had our way photographing them – without the sweet rain. So keep us undercover…it couldn’t have been more lovely. The rain casting a misty, ethereal glaze, those dramatic balconies and bannisters creating the perfect frames and those black & white iconic tiles just waiting for a elegant bride and groom. Check. Check. Check. Then throw in that dress, the Jimmy Choos, that bridal party, the details, the wine, the pearls and the joy of family and friends and we have one dazzlingly, chic Wedding…

And so on with the show. From the moment we met high in the sky, floating above Tokyo it was pure delight as the getting ready started. Laughs galore and some last-minute list-making by Alex as his beautiful bride begins her transformation. There were nerves for sure but it was all tempered with absolute excitement and emotion. And a red-bull nearby. On ice. And that’s when Momo’s mum arrived. So excited and with a very meaningful gift to pass down to her daughter. Something borrowed and blue. 30 years in the making.  A delicate heirloom handkerchief to hold onto, preempting the happy tears to come. Then with Momo ready and oh, so graceful, it was Alex’s time in the chair. And then we were off. A blur out of the hotel and on to the venue. The splendor, intimacy and privacy of the exclusive Kaitokaku.

With her stellar team Momo emerges as an utter vision in her designer gown. All those buttons, those timeless lines and classic elegance. It was just so her.  And she was stunning. Sigh… And then of course our hearts melted at the sight of the JC’s. This was serious style-overload. Then the amazing florals arrived from the incredibly talented artistry of Junko at Bloom & Stripes. So loved working with her and her team again.  Momo did all her own planning for the wedding…yes, she is a super bride. And she knew what she wanted. From the get go. We were beyond delighted and honored to be part of this power-house production and story… This couldn’t be any more us!  And then the bride is almost ready. Those priceless pearls are ON. Her mum always nearby, never prouder or more moved and we had just a little time before our first look to be with them. Some very special Mother/Daughter moments. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Manor…Alex is getting ready. Looking very handsome, very cool. A slight music dilemma threatens to derail cufflink time but was all ironed out quickly by the best man. Good one. Groomsmen. And then he’s ready to meet his bride…A first look and a little time for some real, natural portraits before the formalities start and the bubbles really flow…

One of the favorites…for sure…

The first look…a fabulous chance to do this…before the ceremony. We always recommend this to our couples as not only are the reactions priceless but they have some time just to be together, just for them. To take the day in. And with the couple photos complete before the ceremony it frees them up to enjoy cocktail hour afterwards. For Momo & Alex we loved documenting their photo story in and around the venue, with the classic shot from the front and of course all the moments in between.

After the emotional meeting with her lovely Dad on the stairs it was almost time for the ceremony to begin. A few behind-the-scenes moments and then here comes the bride…It was a beautifully casual and real ceremony. Just a few words spoken, rings and kisses exchanged and glasses clinked. It couldn’t have been any more them. It was finally officially official! Let the festivities, the photos and the love reign and of course let the toasting commence…And Bridal Party…way to work it out…you were all fantastic, seriously funfunfun and we so adored our time with you all.

And now it was reception time. The party to end all parties. Guests were up and celebrating from the start…Featuring beautiful details, that cake, flowing wine, delicious plates, inspiring, heartwarming speeches, memorable moments and all those in between. And of course toasting, wine and more toasting…

A little breather mid-way to just…be…before the next grand entrance. Starring just the prettiest, most fragrant designer ball bouquet and peonies. Ahhh, you had us at peonies… Then add in some new magnificent accessories. And we had honestly just a minute or two for this Romeo & Juliet balcony series…Love. And then it was back to the main event as the finale rolled around. Cake cutting, toasting, more speeches, toasting and posing.  And then simply the most special way to finish things off…an emotional Father/Daughter dance downstairs. With a sky-high encore that featured Alex, a chair and a chandelier.

That was just Part 1…as the Nijikai was up next. We were so there for this gorgeous transformation and look. A Halston Dress, that hair, the pearls and the brief moment rushing down the stairs. Momo, you were just stunning. Truly. We are running out of adjectives. So we’ll let the photos do the talking. Alex, as dashing as always. And they are off. In the quintessential Tokyo taxi. Across town. To continue celebrating the start of their married life together. And with a start like this it is going to be some extraordinary story…

Momo & Alex…what an experience. We cannot thank you enough for the honor of being part of telling your beautiful story. You are so meant to be. We have so loved getting to know you both, your fabulous families and friends. Taking a trip in your world. Our time with you was beyond special, memorable and more than anything so infused with love, joy and just the right amount of surprise. The perfect canvas for all that is to come.

With love, Trace & Dee x



  • Lisa Johnston / 16 August 2012 2:20

    These pictures are incredible. Many thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  • Alaina Donahue / 16 August 2012 2:22

    “Please come to Boston and shoot my wedding!!!!!” I will do anything!!!! Love your work!

  • Dana Goodwin / 16 August 2012 2:26

    You have such a great eye. love it.. and this wedding came out beautifully. GORGEOUS couple… You always get that beautiful emotion out of everyone.

  • Janelle E / 16 August 2012 2:28

    Just BREATH TAKING!!! I check your blog everyday. :)

  • Matthew Costa / 16 August 2012 2:30

    SO glad you did our wedding photos. We couldn’t have chosen a better team. This couple should be over the moon with these too. You two are wonderful.

  • Nelson Paiva / 16 August 2012 3:57

    Tracey and Dee, I follow your work since we met in Barcelona and I must say that this work is just beautiful. Stunning images with impact but also love and freshness. Congratulations, Godspeed.

  • Momoko Kikuchi / 16 August 2012 4:17

    A great great great blog entry..! Thank you so much.
    I will never forget the soft rain and the great amount of energy on that special afternoon.

    Andy has been asking about your blog entry non-stop (he had such a great time sharing the previous entry to his friends in Switzerland)
    I shall email this to him right away!!

    Our Swiss wedding photos are also on its way, and we would like to share a few with you and Dee, just because it was a gorgeous wedding too..

  • Marian Bader Duven / 16 August 2012 4:31


  • Manny Rico / 16 August 2012 10:48

    Like always the Bat duo does it again…. amazing beautiful and touching work….

  • Whitney Bower / 16 August 2012 10:54

    Crazy beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe it! You guys are both so amazing- miss you! xoox

  • Claudio Musto / 17 August 2012 1:38

    Love your work, congratulations!

  • Jan Taylor / 4 September 2012 6:23

    This is such a beautiful wedding. Stunning images and the blog as usual tells a beautiful love story. Momoko and Alexander should be very happy with the way you have captured their special day . The pearls looked amazing.

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