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37 Frames : The Wish List 2012

Following the success of last year’s Xmas Offers we’ve decided to make it a 37 Frames Holiday Tradition. So here we go with a Wish List of Holiday Collections.  Perfect for gift giving, sharing with friends and loved ones and organizing a year of fabulous memories in style for 2013. Just our way of saying thank you Tokyo for an amazing year and all that is still to come. We LOVE that our clients get the importance and value of beautiful photography, the meaning behind it, the investment and what it will mean 10, 20, 50 years from now. Telling your story, with award-winning imagery in this incredible place we’ve all collided – Japan.

We’ve put together the following collections and specials, of strictly limited numbers, available for purchase through to December 23rd or until sold out. Find out how to order below & please note all payments must be remitted in yen via bank transfer. Make sure to scroll right to the end for our NEW FAVORITE experience and read further on to meet the newest and most gorgeous addition to our team, the delightful Ann Lodberg. If you are new to 37 Frames find out HERE what our fabulous clients are saying about their experiences…we are so looking forward to connecting with you!

From 2013 the main focus of 37 Frames will be back to our Weddings and working with our gorgeous couples. As a result we only have a limited availability for Family & Special Event appointments in 2013. So by securing a session or collection now (on Black Friday) we will absolutely guarantee a reservation. And something to keep in mind if you or your friends are breaking our hearts and leaving Japan soon then any of these will work fabulously as Sayonara gifts…Here we go…with almost 37 reasons to smile;)…


Collection 1 – The Full Session Collection

  • 3 x Full Lifestyle Sessions scheduled at the date & location of choice in 2012. Each session is 1.5 hours.
  • 37 high-res fully-edited images per session
  • A DVD Slideshow of each Session
  • A 50-page lay-flat fine-art photo book of the year
  • 3 x A4 Size Acrylic Framed Prints (a simply stunning modern framing option, client to chose favorite print from each session)
  • Sessions are fully transferrable between family & friends. Keep 1 for yourself and gift the rest. A great idea for donations, corporate incentives & more…

Your Investment: ¥250,000 (Valued over ¥400,000) Limit 3.


Collection 2 – The Signature 37 Frames Full Session (Session Fee Only)

Secure a signature Full Session in 2013 with an advanced booking. The session fee will secure a date and location of your choice. Full Sessions are 60-90 minutes. Following the session and after viewing the images you may select your photos from our various collections starting at ¥30,000. (We are very flexible on this, there is no pressure to decide beforehand.) Our current pricing list is available upon request. The perfect holiday, thoughtful-anytime & awesome Sayonara gift…

Your Investment: ¥30,000 (Valued at ¥35,000) Limit 10.


Collection 3 – The Upgrade Collection

Not sure when to book your session? No worries, the reservation can wait til next year, but you may want this little special stocking filler for when you do… It’s the upgrade voucher.  This option sold out so fast last year and as most of our clients know it’s not easy to narrow down selections…

This upgrade voucher is for 37 additional photos. And can be used for a Mini-Session or for a full life-style session or even transferred over several sessions. Limited to 3 per client.

Your Investment: ¥35,000 (Valued over ¥74,000) Limit 10.


Collection 4 – The very popular MINI SESSION Collection

This is the ONLY Way to secure a Mini-Session Booking for 2012. Moving forward due to the overwhelming demand for Minis we are now bundling them in a set of 3. From a business point of view this will make it possible for us to continue this heavily-discounted service. The 3 Sessions are fully transferable between friends & family.

3 x Mini-Sessions on pre-scheduled days & pre-determined locations.

Each Mini-Session includes:

  • 30 minute session
  • 2 photographers: Trace + Dee
  • 5 high resolution images
  • Basic touch-ups
  • Private + Password protected online gallery for 5 days
  • Upgrade + Custom products available

Your Investment: ¥60,000 (from 2013 the collection will be available for ¥90,000) Limit 10.

The 2013 schedule will be available in January.


Collection 5 – The I LOVE Tokyo {by night} Collection

It’s one of our favorite experiences. And the perfect gift for partners, couples. Gift it to your loved one…seriously you will be adored. Forever. It’s our I LOVE Tokyo (by night) Collection. We’re taking on Tokyo after the sun goes down and the lights come on. It’s romantic, energetic, sparkling and a night on the town you WILL remember (in style, without the shocking photos). You are the stars. Leave the kids home, take a night off, book a hotel, dress up. Play it out however you like…this is what we’re doing:

  • 3 hour night shoot
  • 3 iconic, romantic, dazzlingly, bustling, fabulous locations
  • 50 high-res fully-edited images on CD
  • DVD Slideshow of the evening
  • 4A Acrylic Framed Print
  • Transportation included (taxis, trains and more…who know where we’ll end up…)

Your Investment: ¥125,000 (From 2013 this collection will start at ¥175,000) Limit 3.


Collection 6 – Outdoor Private Photography Workshop

Learn something new in 2013, or actually use the fabulous camera you have without having to read the manual with a signature 37 Frames Photography Workshop experience. Book a 2 hour Landscape Photography Workshop with Trace & Dee. All hands on. A private lesson for 1-2 participants. At the date and location of your choice. The perfect gift, that keeps on giving…

Your Investment: ¥25,000 per class and can be bundled up to 4 lessons. Limit 8.


Collection 7 – Group Photography CLASSES

Grab your best friends, make a group that loves photography and we’ll come to you for a series of 3 x 2 hour photography workshops. In your home, technical, hands-on, so much fun. A warm and supportive way to learn your camera and get the most out of your Japan story. Scheduled at your convenience during the year.

4-5 members maximum. The perfect gift to split between friends.

Your Investment: ¥60,000 Limit 8.


Collection 8 – A Day in the life Collection

Let us tell your Japan Story. Remember the way life is now. Our 37 Frames Day in the Life Experience is one of our most popular photo sessions. We follow you as you experience your day. Visit iconic, special places or if you’re living here then let’s photograph your home, neighborhood, your favorite restaurant, even perhaps a quick karaoke to finish. Visit your local school, the neighborhood park, a the place you had your first kiss, first date… All the special times here in Japan to be remembered forever.

  • A half-day adventure (3 hours)
  • 3 Locations
  • 37 high-res fully-edited images on CD
  • DVD Slideshow
  • Upgrades available

Your Investment: ¥70,000 (valued at ¥95,000) Limit 5.


Collection 9 – 37 Frames 1-Day Workshop Registration

Reserve a place at a one of our 37 Frames 1-Day Workshops in 2013. 4 Full 1-Day Workshops are planned over the course of the year. Designed to get you off Auto in a warm and supportive environment. One of our most successful programs in 2012 and all our workshops sold out. Gift a place for a loved one.

Your Investment: ¥25,000 (valued at ¥30,000) Limit 10.


Collection 10 – The TOKYO ME Experience

Now this is what we’re all excited about. Saving the best for last!! Our new 37 Frames TOKYO ME Experience. This one’s for the girls. Do it for yourself, or a loved one, or grab your favorite Tokyo girlfriends and make a day of it. However you chose it’s to celebrate you right now. Gorgeous, beautiful, in this glamorous city we love. Just so Tokyo. Confident & real. It’s a feel good session with all the beautiful touches. High fashion, looking your absolute best like you’ve just stepped out of a magazine. Look & most importantly feel the best you have in your life. You deserve this. To remember now and embrace your beauty. And we are delighted to welcome to our 37 Frames team the stunning work of Ann Lodberg. Ann is an international, freelance makeup artist. She was born and raised in Denmark, but has spent the past 10 years in Australia, where she graduated from the Academy of Makeup. From January 2013 she will be moving to Tokyo – do you know how lucky we are to have her? She is equally gorgeous inside and out…Her extensive training includes traditional makeup methods as well as airbrush application, also studying under celebrity makeup artist Kimberly Bosso in LA. Her work has graced numerous Australian magazines and her versatility as an artist extends to weddings, commercial photography, runway shows and event makeup. We are so excited to welcome her to Tokyo and know you will instantly fall in love with her…just like we have. You can see more of her work here. Ann will be an integral part of the Tokyo ME Experience. And what makes this experience even more special is that all your selected files will be professionally edited by an expert fashion magazine re-toucher. Your inner model, that beautiful self inside revealed.

Tokyo ME  – A very special 3 hour experience.

  • Including Make-up and Hair application by renowned Australian make-up artist the gorgeous Ann Loderberg
  • 1.5 hour in studio and outdoor session
  • High-res professionally re-touched files available for purchase after viewing the images. Pricing list will be available.

Your investment: ¥75,000 Limit 10. (Please note this is for the experience & session time, file & prints are to be purchased separately after The Tokyo ME Experience.)

Bring a friend(s) for their own Tokyo ME Experience and receive 10 high-res professionally re-touched images featuring the group, all complimentary.


So that’s a wrap & the wish list…10 fabulous offers, absolutely limited numbers for award-winning imagery, available for purchase through to December 23rd or until sold out. The perfect gift, to give or receive.

How to Order from The Wish List…

If you would like to purchase a collection simply cut and paste the following into an email and send it to

We’ll get back to you asap.

  1. What’s your preferred Collection (tell us the number 1-10)
  2. How many would you like to purchase?
  3. Your name
  4. Is it a gift or for you?
  5. If it’s a gift would you like the voucher personalized? If so please tell us the recipients name and any message you would like to add. The voucher will be emailed to you, then you can give as you wish.
  6. When do you need it by?
  7. Any other comments.

Following our approval of you order you will be invoiced for your collection. It is payable within 7 days via bank transfer. Your gift collection voucher will then be emailed within 2-3 days of confirmation of payment. All collections are valid through to the end of December 2013. Please make sure to reserve well in advance especially around peak seasons (Spring/Autumn).

Thank you so much! Any questions? Simply contact us anytime.

With love & Holidays wishes,

Dee & Trace