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2017 – Full of life’s most beautiful stories…

December 21, 2017
21 Dec 2017

2017…where did you go?

We’re almost at the end as we deliver all our clients their amazing 2017 stories. And as we hurtle to a close we’ve put together our own little 37 Frames journey for this year. Full of life’s most beautiful stories. It’s been a phenomenal year for sure. Historical moments. And all the life in between. We couldn’t show EVERYTHING, but we tried 😉 Don’t blink or you’ll miss yourself! We have the best clients & most incredible industry support. And a fabulous team. We adore you all. (And yes, we still have one more wedding this year. It’ll have to kick off the 2018 edition…).

Wishing you and your loved ones the very happiest of Holidays! Here’s to all the stories to come…

With love, Tracey, Dee & 37 Frames


Show-stopping Flathead Lake Lodge Wedding, Montana – The Main Event

October 3, 2017
03 Oct 2017

“Just like a boomerang, I keep coming back to you”…  ~ Winslet

To quote Vince…OBSESSED. LOVE. OMG. Dying. Crying… And from Ry…. Lots & lots & lots of heart emojis…Literally. That’s about all we have left to really say. This wedding was EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. And we just LOVE you both. And adore each & every person involved in the bringing together of these hearts and the magic that transpired in Montana. After the total white-out of the Pre-show week, it was truly extraordinary when the skies miraculously parted moments before the ceremony. And Big Blue Sky joined the party. It unfolded right in front of us all during our whirlwind couple shoot (while simultaneously hiding from the guests). So of course we made Vince jump 3 fences in a white Dolce Gabbana vintage suit to get the iconic series with the horses…Those perfect horses, which looked they just been put there for us. Of course once we were done we found the main gate completely unlatched and we just wandered through. Yes, it was THAT dramatic. And real. And beautiful. And so love filled. And emotional. And so romantic. And hilarious. And bare-chested by the end of the night. Love lessons all round. With the most incredible soundtrack, stunning details, lake-side sunset reception, those cocktails, mind-blowing first dances (with THOSE entrances) and an all-night dance marathon in a barn, on a Dude Ranch, somewhere in Montana, that still hurts a little just thinking about the next morning… It’s like we can’t even…So we won’t. So here’s the Main Show…Good luck getting off the dance floor at the end. In fact don’t bother. Sign says…Just Dance.

Vince & Ry…no words, just massive, everlasting love. Trace, Dee & 37 Frames x x

Event Planner – Lacey Creative Design

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Show-stopping Flathead Lake Lodge Wedding, Montana – The Pre-Show

October 1, 2017
01 Oct 2017

“To be young and in love
To be young and in love”… ~ Lana Del Rey, Love

We can retire now.

Because we’re absolutely sure we will never ever ever ever ever have another wedding like this one. An epic 3-day celebration in Montana. And today we feature The Pre-Show (days 1 & 2). Starring people we just love. It’s as simple and as everything as that. And it was extra-ordinary in every way. Notwithstanding we couldn’t see anything due to intense smoke coverage from raging fires 80 miles away in Glacier & further north in Waterton National Parks. It was a total, complete whiteout for days. And yet it made for the most ethereal, once-in-a-lifetime backdrop ever. Sure on any given day you’d usually be surrounded by mountains & lakes. But not this September weekend. None of it mattered. Because this was all about love. In its most pure & celebratory form. A lesson in what love is. Life’s soundtrack. To love fiercely & passionately (& of course always fashion-forward, sequins help…). To find your one and just be married. Vince & Ry, you are everything & more. To each other and so many. And it was honestly one of the biggest joys of our careers (& lives) to be part of your story. To get lost in the love of your family & fabulous friends. The raw emotion of these days together was staggering & life-changing (as were your outfits). The right words escape us, so we hope the photos will do…

So let’s set the scene. We’re at a Dude Ranch. It’s Hollywood meets Montana (with a dollop of Chicago). With a pop theme. And in our first act there are cowboys, cabins, welcome surprises, a campfire with s’mores, a rehearsal & those outfits…did we mention the outfits? Then there’s early, early morning trail rides, those beautiful horses, breakfast deep in the forest, boat rides, jet skis & very competitive cornhole. All leading up to a hoedown showdown in the middle of an elk preserve, with fire trucks (the only way we travel now), a steak fry, drama (naturally) & utter glamour. Then throw in a star-studded spectacular-spectacular cabaret, incredible talent, stunning details & sublime planning. And tears, tears and more tears. And laughter & joy & Old MacDonald. And we were all spellbound…and this is all JUST the Pre-Show people (we haven’t even mentioned the glamping which precedes all this…).

So here’s to the dreamers, the lovers, the artists, the musicians, the actors, the performers, the dancers, the rebels, the servers, the u-haulers & our muses. And the soon to be husbands… Vince & Ry we ALL adore you.

Curtain up. Let the show begin…It’s Camp Big Sky with Vince & Ry…

Event Planner – Lacey Creative Design

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Reflection Bay Las Vegas Wedding

October 1, 2017
01 Oct 2017

“Everyone ought to have a Las Vegas in their life.” ~ Anonymous

Ahhh Las Vegas, there’s no where quite like it. It’s bright lights & all that glitters, non-stop and electric. But there’s so much more. Kind of a bit like Tokyo except that what happens there usually stays there and there’s showgirls. We’ve had a love affair with LV for the longest time, so it was such a joy to revisit in early April (our second trip for the year after WPPI) for a fabulous wedding, with some of our most favorite people in the world. Who came to us from more of our most favorite people. This is how our beloved wedding world works. Each beautiful celebration leads to something equally epic. So for this one it was destination Las Vegas. But miles & miles away from the strip. Another side of the city. Where oasis’s emerge from the desert. Throw in a stunning lakeside venue at the magnificent Reflection Bay, our gorgeous couple, an incredible couture sari, the jewels, a celebration of culture & love, a party boat, that dog, us let loose on a golf cart, the most heartfelt and beautifully casual & real reception and so much s’mores…We adored it all. And it truly was soooooo much fun. Such a reflection of them. The light, the laughter and our collective passion to just have a fabulous time at any and all cost…it’s a life mission (which for this story started with a downtown engagement session that starred trunk beers and epic landscapes – we’ll feature that aslo soon). So here’s to people we just love being with, to the joy you bring to everyone, the love that surrounds you, the magic you weave…Sorry, this one doesn’t stay in Vegas. Much love & endless cocktails & journeys where we’ll collide next…Dee & Trace Read more

Tsunamachi Mitsui Club Wedding

September 29, 2017
29 Sep 2017

“Life is a song. Love is the music.” ~ Anonymous

A fairy-tale to tell today…truly. It was a dream wedding, with a stunning couple, complete with the perfect castle. Right in the heart of Tokyo. Their story is one for the ages, orchestrated by their mothers and what followed is a whirlwind. The entire backstory can be found here in their NY Times announcement. Our stunning bride, a professional tennis player and designer. Her groom, a maestro. And it was epic. Spectacular in all the big moments, but the equally compelling in it’s intimacy. This celebration had so much story. Starting with the couple themselves. Two of the kindest, sweetest, loveliest, most talented people we’ve had the tremendous honor to meet.

From the incredible designer gown, a collaboration between the Bride and her grandfather, eminent Japanese designer Taeko Nishida, in collaboration with Akiko Endo (of Hatsuko Endo). It was her grandfather’s final design. We had the opportunity in August to actually photograph the final dress fitting, along with Yuri’s grandfather, which we are so looking forward to featuring here soon. Such an emotional experience and so extraordinary be part of. The perfect start to our story together.

And then the wedding day arrived…Yuri was a complete vision. Then there was Keitaro in his tails (designed himself). So perfect. And there was so much more…a beautiful balcony first look, a love-filled church ceremony, champagne in the iconic garden, glorious afternoon light to love & get lost in, an historic kimono, the last creation by Kyouya Rinzou, the 17th kimono master of Kyourin with 400 years of kimono making history. Then there was a surprise performance by the tremendous Matsuyama Ballet Company, a world-class performances and the pièce de résistance…Yuri changed for her final look, into her mother’s wedding gown, which her grandfather had also designed. Her parents married on Sept 19th, 1981. Yuri & Keitaro on the same date 36 years later. The room was left breathless & the poignancy not lost on any of us. It was sublime planning by the team at the exquisite Tsunamachi Mitsui Club and Hatsuko Endo. We truly cannot thank them enough for all their amazing support. It was an utter collaboration of love, light, laughter & heart… And one of those days, in September, when love simply reigned…

Wishing you both a lifetime of love & happiness as your forever soundtrack…with love, Tracey, Dee & 37 Frames


Wedding Dress: Akiko Endo & Yuri Kurashima

Hair & Make-up: Hatsuko Endo

Flowers: ARDOISE

Wedding Planning: Hatsuko Endo

Venue: Tsunamachi Mitsui Club

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Exquisite Norwegian Orchard Wedding

September 23, 2017
23 Sep 2017

“When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is love.” ~ Lana Del Ray

What a whirlwind few months and we’re not anywhere done yet. So many beautiful stories, incredible celebrations and so much love, love, love. And we finally get around to sharing one of our most special from late spring this year… in the dreamiest of locations, way up north, in Norway. This story (& ours with them) spans the globe from Tokyo to Hong Kong, Bali, Norway and back again. And to say it’s been a joy to connect with this gorgeous couple is an understatement. We adore them. They know they’re stuck with us, too. So we knew this was going to be some wedding… beyond fabulous. Then throw in the midnight sun, a rustic, working Norwegian farm, an apple orchard, all those cakes, blossoms, a stunning lakeside resort, fjords, that beautiful gown, the whole family in national dress, did we mention the cakes…and that light…incredible, endless light, in a place where the sun never sets (we all ended up taking in the sunrise together about 4am…). It was every bit as poetic as we all imagined. As these two utter soul mates finally collided (officially) to take this journey through life together. Wishing you a lifetime of endless travels, laughter and sunrises on docks after all-night dancing…

With much love…Dee, Tracey & 37 Frames Read more

Iceland Pre-wedding & Engagement Story – Siew & Dex

May 7, 2017
07 May 2017

“All is full of love”… ~ Bjork

An epic, once-in-a-lifetime journey to share today. One that stretches from Japan to Malaysia to the icy fairytale realm that is Iceland. An every kind of weather & season Story. With a truly beautiful couple, inside & out. We first met among the flower fields of Hokkaido in the height of summer (will share that chapter soon!!). Endless rows of lavender & blooms were our playground. There’s nowhere quite like Hokkaido for majestic beauty. It was a dream day that none of us wanted to let go of for sure… so the idea was pitched to continue the story & plan a Pre-Wedding Adventure… somewhere, anywhere in the world. Siew & Dex  narrowed  it down to 3 locations… Iceland eventually won (was there really any other choice…). And it was every adjective, superlative, and more. A truly stunning country, the most perfect of backdrops simply everywhere, around each & every corner. Made all the more special traipsing through moss, waterfalls, glaciers, lakes and a search for the elusive, magical Northern Lights. And we experienced it all, in all kinds of weather (4 seasons, 1 minute). And our incredible team fought through every challenge,  embraced every opportunity and soaked in life & light & love. It was beautifully real & romantic & we all pushed to the limit…but it was so worth it. We could go on and on and on…it was truly that breathtaking & life-changing. And for sure it will not be our last visit (we’re heading back again later this year)… We are Iceland dreaming until then…For now we’ll let the photos tell the story, perhaps in a more eloquent, way than we ever could…Siew & Dex, wishing you a lifetime of love & happiness, that permeates any kind of cold!! With LOVE always…


PS: Only 13 albums from around the world were awarded in the Engagement Category at the prestigious 2017 WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) Print, Album & Filmaking Competition in Last Vegas this year from thousands of entries across all genres … and we were super honored to receive 2 of those Engagement Album awards. One of them for Siew & Dex’s beautiful Icelandic Engagement story. You can see the album at the end of this blog post.  Thank you WPPI … and THANK YOU Siew & Dex.  Always telling life’s most beautiful stories… Read more

Timeless Park Hyatt Tokyo Wedding

April 17, 2017
17 Apr 2017

“Love loves to love love.” ~ James Joyce

A beautifully classic wedding story to share today, at one of the city’s finest, most iconic hotels, the one and only Park Hyatt Tokyo. A truly stunning venue floating high above the skyline, 50+ floors up in love & lost in incredible art around every corner (with a finale in the incredible Tokyo Suite). We celebrate this lovely couple & their wonderful family and friends, so thankful to have shared this time, made even more special with the spectacular service of the PHT Team. Such a joy from start to finish…and we’re not quite done yet, with another celebration for later this year… With love… Read more

Tokyo Station Engagement

April 11, 2017
11 Apr 2017

“…beauty is a light in the heart.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Happy Spring! We’re back to our beloved blog and have literally sooooo much to share. We’re drenched in blossoms right now (& rain), so be ready for some Sakura overload & lots of news & updates in the coming days/weeks/months. But for today we take a trip in the sun from a beautiful, very-very Tokyo Engagement. Stepping out just before their lovely Summer Wedding. It was stunning light and an equally gorgeous couple, natural, uber stylish, just soooo them. A quintessential 37 Frames story, enveloped in love always. Read more

Japan Destination Wedding – Jinya

January 12, 2017
12 Jan 2017

…“There are many paths leading to the top of Mount Fuji, but there is only one summit – love.” ~ Morihei Ueshiba

Starting this new year with a very special wedding story from late last year. Our very favorite kind – when people from all over the world collide in a very foreign place, to live, love & celebrate. In this November wedding it was for Liz & Nick in the beautiful surrounds of Jinya, a quintessential Ryokan not far from Hakone. The very perfect venue for a destination wedding. So Japanese, with an elegant balance of exceptional service, wonderful staff, understanding of western/eastern traditions and endless surprises for guests. From that dramatic designer gown, to the mochi making, from the glorious Japanese garden & architecture, to a nijiki complete with (of course) a portable Karaoke machine. It was truly a dream wedding, filled with so much love & the coming together of soulmates. Made even more spectacular with time for photos, at sunset, with a one & only Mt Fuji finale…from Japan, with love… Read more