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37 Frames : Tokyo American Club Wedding – Ami & Yasuhiro

May 22, 2015
22 May 2015

“Oh, sweet cherry tree-
how lovely your blossoms are.
Spring brings joy to life.”
~ AK White

Back to one of our favorite venues today…we are always guaranteed a beautiful couple, glorious celebration, the loveliest people and impeccable service & support at the Tokyo American Club. And it was a quintessential Spring Wedding, as the Cherries bloomed throughout the city for Ami & Yasuhiro. Just the perfect backdrop for these soulmates. A sweet ceremony & fun-filled reception (with some turtles), outstanding musical performances, a stunning Vera Wang gown and a fabulous Nijikai in Decanter with Tokyo floating by. We adored it all and love seeing this incredible space always in a new way. Ami & Yasuhiro we wish you both much love & happiness as you start your life together and endless moments under the blossoms… Read more

Guam Wedding Photographers – Guam Hilton Wedding : Mary & Ray

May 20, 2015
20 May 2015

“When you look at me, when you think of me, I am in paradise.” ~ William Makepeace Thackeray

We love when our wedding stories wing us away…There’s something so special about destination weddings – celebrating with families & friends in one place…all coming together…from all over the world…the anticipation before, the big day itself  & the days after filled with much reminiscing & more memory making. And Guam is always a very, very favorite place. That gorgeous turquoise sea fringed with palm trees, a tropical paradise with beautiful people & culture…the perfect place for locals Mary & Ray to marry. And we couldn’t have been more honored to be part of documenting this lovely affair. From her stunning gown, the sweetest families, a ceremony with a sprinkle of rain to cool us all down, a darling bridal party, to the intimate & laughter-filled reception with a money dance and more… It was all absolutely idyllic… and then they went with us when we suggested a paddle boat ride…  With a Guam sunset the ultimate finale to a spectacular few days on the island and the beautiful start of a life together…  Read more

Noosa Wedding Photographers – Natalie & Kelvin

May 13, 2015
13 May 2015

“Somewhere after midnight
In my wildest fantasy
Somewhere just beyond my reach
There’s someone reaching back for me“… ~ Bonnie Tyler

A love story with everything…It feels like we’ve been waiting a lifetime for this one…and in many ways we have. And in the interests of full, complete disclosure we are completely biased in how very much we ADORED this celebration…the people, the place, the characters, the EVERYTHING…when Nat (Dee’s sister) married the love of her life Kelvin. They were always meant to find each other, no matter what it took to finally get there. They are as alike as they are different (he’s 6’6″, she’s not) and utterly perfect for each other. When Kelvin proposed in the dark on Main Beach at Noosa last year (note…the other beach – Sunrise Beach is called that for a reason…)…and Nat asked him to propose again because she was distracted by the man in his speedo’s feeding seagulls…it was already written in this stars that their life together would be so full of laugher, love & the unexpected. And so it was just the place to make it all official. Back on that beach. Gorgeous Noosa has become something of a favorite for weddings in our families and we all just couldn’t wait for this destination one. A week of celebration, love, joy, drama and one fabulous party. We of course couldn’t not photograph it, which makes it hard when you’re also possibly the oldest bridesmaid ever. But we had Trace, who did an incredible job of handling everything and dealing with me…Being on the other side of a wedding was a learning experience for sure…and Trace deserves endless, endless thanks (& much love) for this one and more than a few bubbles at some point…It’s hard to express in words what this day meant…we’ll leave it to the photos to be our own version of interpretative dance, which did feature during the reception…naturally (with limited/edited coverage). Nat would have to be one of our happiest brides EVER. She never stopped smiling all day – start to finish – it was all a beautiful whirlwind we would all do over and over again if we could. And when she walked in the church and Kelvin saw her…it was everything…A moving ceremony, tears, stunning light, lovely, lovely details, surprises, stories from the past, an intimate, simple, chic reception & the Noosa tree…a Rocky entrance, a 10 second first dance, a cake that was almost cut in half, family members as lighting assistants, 100’s & 1000’s and just one fabulous celebration. We couldn’t have loved it all any more. Nat & Kelvin we love you. That’s all. Read more

Guam Engagement Photography – Mary & Ray

May 4, 2015
04 May 2015

“Hu guiaya hao” ~ I love you  – in Chamorro…

Summer dreaming… as we feature the pre-show to our recent beautiful Guam wedding. A windswept engagement session off the beaten island track – high in the southern rolling hills, down on secluded beaches & finishing in our very favorite coconut tree grove. A sprinkling of rain to start an epic few days with Mary & Ray in the Mariana Islands… we had so been waiting for this… all colliding here for the celebrations on this island they call home. It was beyond an honor to be asked to document their very special celebrations and just the perfect chance to connect before the big day… romantic & real & drenched in fun & love… all things perfectly Guam. Read more

Kyoto Pre-Wedding : Yajie & Ananth

May 3, 2015
03 May 2015

Even in Kyoto-
hearing the cuckoo’s cry-
I long for Kyoto. ~Basho

Happy Golden Week!! We are just back to Tokyo again after a whirlwind 4 months…what an amazing ride 2015 has been as we’ve had the privilege of being part of so many extraordinary stories…And here’s a beautiful Pre-Wedding…again from one of our favorites soul places…Kyoto. Spring in the air and love just about everywhere as we had an epic experience all over the city. With Yajie & Ananth. Featuring 5 dress changes, truly reflecting their story & heritage. It was such a joy planning all this. From a very, very early morning in the iconic bamboo groves of Arashiyama (= NO PEOPLE!!) to those quintessential Gion cobbled streets, shrines, temples and a very unexpected chance to photograph in an historic Ryokan…It was a dream day for all us, so much laughter & fun…with some magical rain to end. Just the kind of finale we adore. Many thanks to our lovely 37 Frames support team (associate photographer Yoshiro Hirose, fabulous Hair & Make-up by Aya & MK Taxi for literally getting us all over the ancient captial). And our wonderful couple Yajie & Ananth. We always say we are only ever as good as our clients & you were both exceptional. We are wishing you much, much happiness as your love story continues… Read more

San Francisco City Hall Wedding : Doris & Yi-Ren

April 27, 2015
27 Apr 2015

“San Francisco itself is art, above all literary art. Every block is a short story, every hill a novel. Every home a poem, every dweller within immortal. That is the whole truth.” ~ William Saroyan

San Francisco dreaming today…as we come to you from Australia, another very special wedding just finished. Today we feature Doris & Yi-Ren. From their epic Engagement Session back in January we were allllll just waiting for their magical March day in iconic City Hall. And it couldn’t have been any more spectacular. Under an incredible blue sky the City by the Bay was utterly dazzling…A California kind of day. Doris in her Vera Wang gown was a vision. Yi-Ren the perfect groom. The Bridal party just so beautifully fun. And the city our playground, all aboard the trolley car. With the ultimate finale at City Hall. The historic building just the place to join family & friends in a beautifully elegant, chic & memorable affair. A marriage drenched in emotion & affection. Doris & Yi-Ren thank you truly for such an extraordinary experience. We just loved sharing in your love – such a delight for us in one of our all-time favorite cities. If what comes next for you both is anything like the start it will be a an astonishing story… Read more

A Tokyo Honeymoon : Lou & Jono

April 25, 2015
25 Apr 2015

“Mine is the night, with all her stars”. ~ Edward Young

From Weddings, to blossoms & back again…we’ve been so fortunate to meet some incredible people on this journey. And we just love it when we all connect online then collide in person. And it all just beautifully clicks!! And with some people you just know it will be so special before we even meet. Today we’re showcasing Jono & Lou in town from Malaysia celebrating their honeymoon. Right at the end of the year when Tokyo is a mass of lights & love. We took on the city and had a ball together in some of our favorite places – icons & quiet backstreets. With the last of Autumn’s glow and avenues of illumination to revel in…a fabulous way to spend a night in Tokyo with just such a gorgeous couple… Read more

Race & Religious : New Orleans Destination Wedding – Anna & Daniel

April 15, 2015
15 Apr 2015

“Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?” – Louis Armstrong

It was always going to be an epic celebration. Way, way before we all collided in New Orleans for the gorgeous March Wedding of Anna & Daniel. Their love story spans countries, continents & oceans & most likely more than a few bars (they met in Geronimo’s…once upon a time!). And the lead up was at least 2 weeks of revelry from LA to Vegas all culminating in the Big Easy. We had sooooo been waiting for this one… such a delight to reconnect after photographing their Engagement session in Tokyo a few years back. When Anna reached out to see if we would be available to document their beautiful day, in of all places New Orleans, it didn’t take a second to know we would SO BE THERE! And when they sent through the info packet we ask all our couples to complete and the Groom responded that the goal was to “burn the city down”, well, that was that. And we were IN. And N’awlins welcomed us all with open arms and unexpected open skies on the wedding day. It poured with rain all day, but no one minded at all. It made the extraordinary Race & Religious venue even more magical – truly a photographers dream, brought to life by the fabulous planning of Brooke Casey Weddings (just incredible to work with). The day took on a life of it’s own inside this delicious antebellum vision…just as the R&R website says… it’s truly a masterpiece of nostalgia, a love song to New Orleans, a whimsical European fairytale, a spectacle of design, and foremost, a family home steeped in history (& we’re quite sure a few ghosts…). Then add Anna & Daniel, the gorgeous Bridal Party, that gown, the shoes, the details, the art, their fabulous family & friends, a beautiful ceremony, a cajun feast, Pimms O’Clock, an awesome first dance and it was ONE incredible party from start to finish. The sun even made a magical 5 minute appearance just in time for sunset over the Crescent City. There was a quick power nap at one point…for someone… to gear up for the finale. And what a way to finish with a jazz wedding second line through the historic & iconic French Quarter ending up on Frenchman’s Street to party the night away. Police escort & all. And the AMAZING talent & music of the infectious Kinfolk. We danced, laughed, celebrated life & love with every step… Our very own Mardi Gras. Anna & Daniel, thank you truly for a few legendary days in New Orleans. The city will never be the same…wishing you a life of happiness with a sprinkling of Bourbon Street… Read more

Tokyo American Club Wedding – Asa & Daisuke

April 14, 2015
14 Apr 2015

“Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!” ~Constanze

One of our last 2014 weddings to feature today – backtracking a bit from these Spring days…Just before Christmas when Tokyo is ablaze with the last fall colors & endless twinkling lights. Of course at one of our most favorite venues…the Tokyo American Club. The beautiful celebration of Asa & Daisuke – just so elegant & chic…with 2 fabulous first dances, gorgeous designer gowns, a sunset ceremony, the coolest jazz band & a fabulously fun bridal party…and just so much more. The father-daughter dance melted everyone’s hearts, and then Asa & Daisuke took to the floor & it was magical…Another extraordinary story we just adored being part of…we hope the music never ends & that you dance endlessly throughout life…

Flowers : Bloom & Stripes
Hair & Make-up : Lichu

Read more

Kyoto Engagement & Pre-Wedding : Pirjo & Vladimir

April 14, 2015
14 Apr 2015

“In springtime, love is carried on the breeze. Watch out for flying passion or kisses whizzing by your head.” – Emma Racine deFleur

What a whirlwind Spring so far, that has quite literally taken us all over this beautiful world. We finally find ourselves back in Tokyo. Taking time to breathe in the last of the blossoms before we head off again this weekend…for a very special wedding. So just the perfect time to get back to our blog and share some of our recent (and not so recent…haha….we have so many stories still to feature from 2014…) But fast forward to early Spring this March, in one of our soul places…Kyoto. Just before the blossoms and the teaming crowds. We connected with Pirjo & Vladimir. Celebrating their love from Finland to Japan and all points in between…We had a gorgeous afternoon together in pockets of sun. From some of our favorite back streets to icons. A love affair remembered amid an extraordinary backdrop (and just a few early blossoms for luck). Wishing you both much love & happiness & endless travels together… Read more