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Villa Amor Wedding – Sayulita, Mexico : Sabrina & Rick (Part 2)

July 31, 2015
31 Jul 2015

“Sentir el amor de la gente que amamos es el fuego que alimenta nuestra vida.”

“To feel the love of people whom we love is a fire that feeds our life.” ~ Pablo Neruda

It’s been a month of dreams, incredible destinations and so many magical moments. Hard to believe we made it to the end…almost…we never want July to end…So we finally have time to share some of our very, very favorite stories. It all started in breathtaking Mexico. On an idyllic sliver of beach, with endless sunsets and some of the most beautiful people on the planet. Sabrina & Rick, there are no words for how special you both are and how real, emotional and simply beautiful your celebration was. We all felt it. Overflowing with love, laughter, color, light, connection and maybe more than one margarita. It couldn’t be anymore us. It was a true celebration of family, people & total soul mates…and we would go anywhere to do it all again and again…(post-wedding session somewhere – anywhere fabulous is definitely on the cards…). It was spectacular… a whirlwind day, as it always is…throw in the heat, the love, the details, that dress, those shoes, the first look, the awesome bridal party, the champagne uncorking (haha), the stairs, the villa, the views, that moving ceremony, a sunset beyond words, a reception under the stars, the colors…again, tea-lights in trees, made-to-order churros, breathtaking first dances, tequila shots (& shots & shots) and remarkable dance moves…and it was some epic, once-in-a-lifetime party (that may or may not have ended in the pool)… Certainly a blueprint for what lays ahead, firmly entrenched in just so much amor. A beautifully overwhelming experience, we can never thank you both enough for.  (And many, many thanks to the stellar team at Sayulita Mexico Weddings by Karen Ruezga & the lovely Villa Amor for all your support). It was a love story for the ages…we are still Mexico dreaming… Read more

Villa Amor Wedding – Sayulita, Mexico : Sabrina & Rick (Part 1)

July 17, 2015
17 Jul 2015

“Yo tengo esa costumbre de pensar en ti, cuando hablan de amor.”

“I have this habit of thinking of you, when they talk about love.” ~ Unknown

July has been one of our most magical and busiest months ever…and it all started in Mexico. Hola! A land far, far away with the most incredible couple Sabrina & Rick, their amazing “people” and the kind of destination wedding we dream about in a Villa of Love. Really. Sayulita, a darling seaside village, was the perfect setting for their July 4th wedding. Heat and all. And so the day before we explored the streets, taking in the morning together. Time to just to be…to wander, to reflect, to take in the moments, the colors & light & to fall in love a little bit more. And of course to get completely drenched on a hidden beach waiting just for us. It was the perfect prelude for everything to come, ending the day with a fabulous rehearsal dinner under the stars, memories we will not soon forget & endlessly breathtaking sunsets. Just the most beautiful, beautiful people, who came to us from more beautiful people. We remain humbled and in awe how the world connects us. And that we get to tell these kind of stories & see how people live, love & celebrate is never, ever lost on us. So many new amigos, so much amor… Read more

San Francisco Engagement Photography – Sabrina & Rick

July 4, 2015
04 Jul 2015

“San Francisco itself is art, above all literary art. Every block is a short story, every hill a novel. Every home a poem, every dweller within immortal. That is the whole truth.”~William Saroyan

Hola!! It’s Wedding week in beautiful Mexico and the perfect time to share the Engagement session that started the story as we get ready to celebrate Sabrina & Rick. It’s a little bit Grey’s Anatomy and a whole lot of love and passion. Utter soulmates, we all connected last year in Hawaii (LOVE YOU Yohko & Vijay)…so when their engagement was announced and they contacted us to see if we were available we were SOOOO THERE already. Truly 2 of the most beautiful people ever…We had the chance to reunite in one of our most favorite cities –  San Francisco – for their Engagement Session earlier this year. We were so up for anything. And so were they. It was an epic day, full of laughter, love, the odd nudist (we’re in San Fran after all…) & quesadillas we would fly anywhere for…The ultimate prelude for everything to come. Day to night. Full of amor…and if this is just the beginning we are totally spellbound for what is to come… Read more

37 Frames Tokyo Master Class – Wedding Photography Workshop

June 16, 2015
16 Jun 2015

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” ~ Chinese Proverb

Delighted to feature some images from our recent 37 Frames Tokyo Workshop. Such an inspiring day and we loved sharing, connecting & meeting so many talented photographers. We all collided for a marathon day of learning – tell all & share all – at the Lytro Studio in Harajuku – the most perfect location. Many, many thanks to the superb Lytro team, especially Ed & the lovely Chrissy (in town at totally the right time!!!) for all their support of this event. Please make sure to drop by, check out the live studio and play with the incredible Illum to create your own living pictures. We promise you will love it! …  We started the 37 Frames day with a hands-on seminar, demonstrating everything from our signature ring shots, hair-spray shots, detail shots as we continued through our Wedding Day Walk-Through. Fundy Software Inc provided some fabulous swag which we all so truly appreciated. Delicious lunch from the awesome crew at Kiwi Kitchen followed and then it was time for our real couple shoot, with gorgeous REAL couple Aya & Teru. We took on the backstreets of Harajuku, just so Tokyo, and ended up for our model Reception space at the sublime Bepocah – one of the very best and most delicious restaurants in Tokyo. Many, many, many thanks to everyone at Bepocah for so warmly welcoming us as we took over for a few hours. And to the lovely team at Bloom & Stripes for the darling florals. We worked, practiced, played with all kinds of light in all kinds of situations, but of course Profoto was our very ,very favorite. And again, many, many thanks to Profoto Japan for all their support. The new B2’s are stunning & the quality of light remarkable. And it was such a joy to have these tools available to the participants. The number one rule of wedding photography (on the wedding day) is “fast & convenient”. Get your shots quickly, without too much setup and make them amazing. Profoto delivered on all levels – fast, convenient, amazing quality. Cannot wait to see what they can do with our next destination wedding in Mexico in a couple of weeks. After a quick debrief and business presentation back at Lytro, with a Fundy & Illum demo, we headed back out to the street for a night shoot & our 37 Frames bag of tricks & endless ooohs & ahhhs… just so much fun. We are still laughing about the Car Park shoot. The day ended with pizza and Trace’s critique & an overwhelming love of photography and admiration for this industry.

Many, many, many thanks for everyone for joining us. We adored it all & learnt equally as much. Thank you for opening your hearts, for all your questions & focused listening (in English with no translation!!!) It was intense & exhilarating and we hope your Ah-ha moments come very, very often. We are so excited to all be part of elevating the industry, sharing and supporting each other from platforms like this. And we just cannot wait to see where this journey takes us all…

* The 37 Frames Workshop was quickly SOLD OUT. We apologize to those photographers who contacted us after the spaces had already been filled. But we are looking at a date to do another Tokyo Master Class very soon.  And we have some very special “37 Frames Presents” Workshops & Events in the planning stages for 2016 with more of the world’s most talented wedding photographers with a range of styles and techniques coming to Tokyo from all over the world – Greece, Malaysia, Hong Kong & the USA. More to come…

Read more

Tokyo Engagement Photography – Leanne & Aron

June 10, 2015
10 Jun 2015

“Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” ~ Franklin P. Jones

A beautiful, whirlwind Engagement session to feature today (in less than 20mins)… In a stunning Japanese house, tucked away in Tokyo. We adore these 2, Lia & Aron, and have loved being part of their Japanese celebrations (more on that soon) and next year their epic Bali Wedding… Perfect soulmates in every way & beautiful, talented friends as well. So excited for everything to come… Magic exists… Read more

Ritz Carlton Reynolds Plantation Wedding – Day Before/Day After…

June 6, 2015
06 Jun 2015

“I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

A sweet revisit to our gorgeous Georgia Wedding earlier this year as part of our job assisting with the Bob & Dawn Davis Real Wedding Workshop. Featuring Lauren & Justin’s day-before shoot & sublime rehearsal dinner at THAT BARN & the post-shoot on yes, an ice rink…Truly a beautiful couple in every sense. We were so delighted to be able to assist the Nikon shooters and even more thrilled we may soon be back at the Ritz Carlton Reynolds Plantation on our own for another extravaganza in September. We simply cannot wait!! It is an utterly spectacular venue… For today we’re Georgia dreaming, under endless breathtaking stars… Read more

37 Frames : Tsukiji Hongan-ji Wedding – Sayo & Yuta

May 27, 2015
27 May 2015

“Love me and the world is mine.” ~David Reed

Another gorgeous wedding to showcase today. This one by 37 Frames Team Photographer, Aya. She did an amazing job, solo, in this 12+ hour celebration. So many beautiful elements, from the shrine, to the mix of extraordinary customs, an elegant reception, that gorgeous Vera Wang and one fabulous, unforgettable Nijikai….Sayo & Yuta thank you truly for a spectacular experience…wishing you a lifetime of happiness as epic as the start.

Photographed by 37 Frames Associate Photographer, Aya Toda. Read more

Shinjuku-Gyoen Sakura Engagement Photography – Ami & Yasuhiro

May 25, 2015
25 May 2015

“It is at the edge of a petal that love waits.” ~ William Carlos Williams   

A sakura drenched way to start the week, as we relive spring while we head firmly into summer. Just before their beautiful April wedding we had a whirlwind 30 minutes together under the blossoms to celebrate life & love…Ami & Yasuhiro it was all a dream, with the blossoms a spectacular prelude for everything to come… Read more

37 Frames : Tokyo American Club Wedding – Ami & Yasuhiro

May 22, 2015
22 May 2015

37 Frames – “2015 World’s Top 30 Wedding Photographers” ~ Signature Weddings

トレイシー・テイラーとディー・グリーンは、37 Frames Photographyを支えるクリエイティブな才能の持ち主。オーストラリア出身の2人は、日本と「ラブストーリー」を何よりも愛し、東京を拠点として活動しています。

豊 富な受賞歴を誇る国際的フォトグラファーのトレイシー&ディー、そして37 Frames のチームはウェディング・フォトグラフィーとプロのウェディング・フォトジャーナリズムの芸術に情熱を注いでいます。“人生の中で最も美しく、一度しかな いストーリー“を日本で、そして世界で語ることに彼女たちは大変名喜びを感じています。

2人がカメラで紡ぎ出す物語は、読み出したら最後 ま で読み終えずにはいられない本のように人の心を揺さぶります。人生は芸術。スタイリッシュな写真 はどこでも大人気で、日本を拠点としつつ、世界中の結婚式を飛び回っています。2人が力を注いでいる日本を舞台とした美しい写真も、国際的な注目を浴びて います。どこであろうとも、皆様のラブストーリーを伝えることが、2人の最大の喜びです

2人は現在、世界トップクラスのウェディング・ フォトグラファーと評価され、このほど『American Photo Magazine』誌の2013年ウェディング・フォトグラファー世界トップ10リストにノミネートされました。ウェブサイトJunebug Weddingの世界最優秀ウェディング・フォトグラファー・リストにも選ばれています。2人は、WPJA(Wedding Photojournalist Association)、ISPWP(International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers)、WPPI(Wedding & Portrait Photographers International)、PPA国際部門(Professional Photographers of America)、WPPA会員に認定されています。 権威あるAsiaWPAのトップフォトグラファーリストに日本からは唯一名を連ねるフォトグラ ファーでもあります。 カップルの写真に、自然で素直な感情、色彩と光、独自の視点を取り入れることで、彼女らの右に出る者 はいません。2人は、ウェディング・フォトジャーナリストと呼ばれることを愛し、常に芸術的なアプローチで結婚式の写真に取り組みます。


最 近では2014年の3月にラスベガスで開催されたWPPIの上級特別クラスで講演を行いました。(20,000人の参加者と100名を超える世界最高の フォトグラファー講師陣の前で。) さらに、名声あるWPPI のPrint Competition (considered the world’s premier wedding photography competition)でBride/Groom Alone Category部門で1位に輝きました。この羨望の的である賞を、60カ国以上5,000のエントリーの中から、挙式当日に37 Framesチームが撮影した日本の花嫁の写真が選ばれたのです。Tracey とDeeは、この美しく伝統的な日本の結婚式を世界のステージで紹介することができ感激しています。

アーティストとして彼らはそれぞれの ウェディングとそのストーリーを始まりから終わりまで、エネルギーとインスピレーション、そして人生への愛をもって撮影しています。準備のとき、ほんの一 瞬の小さな思い出、大きな思い出。とまっているシーン、象徴的なイメージ。彼らのスタイルはクラシックかつ、流行をとらえる天賦の才で、時代を超えたモダ ンな感性に溢れています。すべてのクライアントは2つの観点にあっと驚く経験をします。ぴったりと息の合った37 Framesチームがそれぞれの2つのアングルから撮影します。まるで映画のようなアプローチ。そして最も重要なことはストーリーはストーリーであるとい うこと。それぞれ一つ一つが特別で、記録し、記憶しておくべき1日なのです。

トレイシー&ディーは、プロの写真に投資する大切さを広く訴えています。現代は、ストーリーを伝え、後世に何かを残すことが重視される時代 です。

喜 びと陽気な笑顔にあふれたトレイシー&ディーの「ウェディング・エクスペリエンス」は、最高のクオリティが自慢です。そして何よりも、皆 様だけのストーリーです。トレイシー&ディーは、素敵な皆様のために全力を尽くし、写真を心から愛しています。その気持ちは、きっと皆様にも伝わ るでしょう。


“Oh, sweet cherry tree-

how lovely your blossoms are.

Spring brings joy to life.”
~ AK White

Back to one of our favorite venues today…we are always guaranteed a beautiful couple, glorious celebration, the loveliest people and impeccable service & support at the Tokyo American Club. And it was a quintessential Spring Wedding, as the Cherries bloomed throughout the city for Ami & Yasuhiro. Just the perfect backdrop for these soulmates. A sweet ceremony & fun-filled reception (with some turtles), outstanding musical performances, a stunning Vera Wang gown and a fabulous Nijikai in Decanter with Tokyo floating by. We adored it all and love seeing this incredible space always in a new way. Ami & Yasuhiro we wish you both much love & happiness as you start your life together and endless moments under the blossoms… Read more

Guam Wedding Photographers – Guam Hilton Wedding : Mary & Ray

May 20, 2015
20 May 2015

“When you look at me, when you think of me, I am in paradise.” ~ William Makepeace Thackeray

We love when our wedding stories wing us away…There’s something so special about destination weddings – celebrating with families & friends in one place…all coming together…from all over the world…the anticipation before, the big day itself  & the days after filled with much reminiscing & more memory making. And Guam is always a very, very favorite place. That gorgeous turquoise sea fringed with palm trees, a tropical paradise with beautiful people & culture…the perfect place for locals Mary & Ray to marry. And we couldn’t have been more honored to be part of documenting this lovely affair. From her stunning gown, the sweetest families, a ceremony with a sprinkle of rain to cool us all down, a darling bridal party, to the intimate & laughter-filled reception with a money dance and more… It was all absolutely idyllic… and then they went with us when we suggested a paddle boat ride…  With a Guam sunset the ultimate finale to a spectacular few days on the island and the beautiful start of a life together…  Read more