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Tokyo Wedding Photographers : A love story with a Tokyo twist…

August 21, 2014
21 Aug 2014

“The only thing that matters is what they feel, and how much they feel, for each other. And if it’s half of what we felt – that’s everything.” ~ Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

A very special feature today…a union in sunbeams. High school sweethearts with a Japan connection that binds us all. We spent a gorgeous late Tokyo afternoon together taking it all in. In the moment. Back to almost the beginning. From the city’s most iconic backdrops to quiet hydrangea filled nooks, sunset to twilight, bright lights & the big city, in that stunning kimono dress (from the incredible Lia Lee at Tokyo Kaleidoscope), finishing with a final fling under the train tracks. A perfect way to remember the start of the next chapter. From Tokyo & now to Hong Kong & all points in between. We are wishing you both a life filled with much laughter, happiness & endless traffic stopping moments. Thank you for a beautiful experience!! With love, Dee & Trace Read more

Japan Wedding Photography : A 10-year Tokyo Anniversary…

June 26, 2014
26 Jun 2014

“Love is like a friendship caught on fire.” ~ Jeremy Taylor

An anniversary love story to get lost in today…beautifully celebrated in Tokyo. A dress that still fits perfectly & time to reconnect and reflect on 10 magical years together. As a couple again…the family at home. Just them. In a place poignant & meaningful, a brief escape. Eyes only for each other, even with the maddening crowds of Tokyo in Spring, we just adored our time with this lovely, lovely couple. We had a fabulous time all over the city from day to night, visiting icons & finding secluded locations, all fused with endless laughter!! Blossoms to bright lights & romance ramped up…it was such a delight to witness this kind of relationship & be part of remembering another milestone in their spectacular love story… Read more

37 Frames : A Tokyo Post-Bridal…in 3 beautiful acts…

June 24, 2014
24 Jun 2014

“For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we are finally home.” ~ Stephanie Perkins

A beautiful love story already in the making to feature today. A Post-Wedding experience scheduled a few years after the big date. The perfect time to fall in love all over again, wear the dress one more time and continue telling the story in the photos they dreamed of. And what better time to do it than in the heart of Spring. Rabia & Phillip, stole our hearts as they took on Tokyo in a trio of acts. With that stunning gown, under tunnels of blossoms, it was time to reconnect again and just take time to be together. Then criss-crossing across town to where they live, work & play. Their neighborhood, in their town. It was a beautifully casual & lovely afternoon aglow with gorgeous light, before the finale high above the city…The perfect ending to another day in their spectacular story… Read more

37 Frames : Cherry Blossoms & the Antique Kimonos

June 23, 2014
23 Jun 2014

“Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.” ~Author Unknown

Between all our beautiful weddings, couples & Sayonara stories we take a little break to feature a gorgeous family experience, teaming with poignancy & all that we love about Japan. Just the most special session for us & the 3 sisters, in their antique kimonos, making memories of where they live & have grown up. All the while embracing the history & culture of where they are now. An afternoon under the blossoms, spring abounding, a field of yellow nanohana, in the heart of Tokyo. Read more

Tokyo American Club Wedding : The one with the epic finale…

June 19, 2014
19 Jun 2014

“A light heart lives long.” – William Shakespeare

We love our work. And we never love it more than when we’re able to experience pure joy, happiness & the ultimate celebration of life – when people, family, friends come together to live & love. OUT LOUD!!! This is never lost on us & we appreciate how lucky we are to pop into people’s lives even for just a short time & peak into their story. Sometimes, honestly, it can be a world of crazy but then sometimes, just very sometimes it can be the MOST fun you imagine. And you never want to leave. And that’s exactly how our featured wedding today unfolded. Full of delightful & beautifully unexpected moments. Stunning gowns, Vera Wang no less, fabulous people, a gorgeous first dance, a family duel of Kiba-sen, the biggest spoon we’ve ever seen, AND THE BEST CAKE FACE PLANT OF ALL TIME, a cast of thousands, hot ballroom dancing, Entertainment 1, 2 & 3… and one of the most epic Nijikai’s (2nd parties) ever. At one of our favorite venues the iconic Tokyo American Club – where weddings are designed for each individual couple. Yes, they’ve probably never had a swimming pool in the ballroom before… and quite possibly Reiko & Munenaga had no idea it would star … but it did… and it was all brilliant. Just so them (& naturally a little censored in parts…) And the perfect beginning for what will inevitably be one fabulously fun-filled, love-driven escapade through life…together. Read more

Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Happo-en & Yokohama Wedding – Craig & Mai

June 6, 2014
06 Jun 2014

“Two lovers in the rain have no need of an umbrella.”  ~ Japanese Proverb

Our favorite season is just so here. Wedding Season. And just the perfect time to share the finale to our beautiful experience with Craig & Mai – their magical, romantic May wedding. A celebration just as epic as the Engagement Session. It was a whirlwind from the Ritz Cartlon Tokyo to historic Happo-en, then to the Yokohama Christ Church and back again finishing at Meguro Gajoen . Yes, there is a Shinjuku wedding story in there as well. With their bridal shoot spanning time & cities, with just about every kind of weather in between. A blend of cultures, customs with family & friends from all over the world colliding in Japan. From floating high above Tokyo with Fuji-san on show (a sign for sure…), to the moving church wedding on the historic Yokohama bluff. It was an occasion that was everything it was meant to be. Emotional, fabulous fun, featuring all kinds of only-in-Japan moments. With a first dance to swoon over, gorgeous gowns, his suit (& the search for it), speeches that bought everyone to tears, “omotenashi” on overload at a reception venue that was having 20 concurrent weddings. Really. Those gorgeous gardens, a late afternoon frolic at sunset, and a spectacular downpour we embraced, which will continue to leave us breathless (& bonded for life). Concluding with an intimate Nijikai & time together to just take in the night (in waterfalls & spotlights) and celebrate this truly special couple. A dream to document.

Craig & Mai… We’re wishing you both all the love & happiness in the world & of course endless opportunities to dance in the rain. With love, Dee & Trace ~ 37 Frames Read more

Tokyo Engagement Photographers : A Tsukiji Start & a Kimono Story

June 2, 2014
02 Jun 2014

“I’m not making art, I’m making sushi.” Masaharu Morimoto

A one-of-a-kind Engagement Session to share today. One so quintessentially Japanese – we just adored every minute. With such a favorite & fun couple. Up for anything & everything. We’re going in reverse. We actually photographed their beautiful wedding first, with their engagement session scheduled a few days afterwards due to timing. And it couldn’t have been more perfect. As we reminisced and made new memories at the same time. Once upon a time Craig & Mai met in a sushi shop. So for their Engagement Session there was just no other place to start than at the start, yes, in Tsukiji. In the heart of Tokyo, some might say the heart of Japan. And we must issue a HUGE DISCLAMER – we are not the reason tourists aren’t allowed to run amok through the sprawling market… we did ask permission for everything we got up to (even the tuna headshot – allll Craig’s idea!!!)… and honestly we were encouraged at almost every step by the Tsukiji guys… And at the end, well of course, a sushi breakfast awaited… So fresh & delish – for we all had to fuel up for the next delightful chapter. In Kimono. A massive thunderstorm concluded just as the dressing was completed and Craig & Mai ventured into another kind of Japanese world. One just for them… to be together, celebrating a transcontinental love, a marriage of cultures & their story – past, present & future. And for us it was just dream to photograph – there is something just so special & fascinating about the kimono, it is never lost on us & we remain spellbound. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Craig & Mai… we simply had such an extraordinary time – and you know there is so much more to come. Read more

Hokkaido Pre-wedding Photography : From the mountains to the sea…

May 30, 2014
30 May 2014

“Nature never goes out of style.” ~Anonymous

A Pre-Wedding experience like none other to share today. Once that spans mountains, oceans, cliffs, sunsets, idyllic nature with a dash of snow all in search for just one small thing. To live & love under the fleeting Cherry Blossoms. That’s all they wanted. The essence of Japan. And with their mid-May dates in mind the only place we might have a chance to find any was Hokkaido. And so we made a plan. From Vietnam, they flew to Hong Kong to pick up the divine wedding gown. And then we all collided at the very north of Japan for a beautiful adventure…which unfolded effortlessly with one breathtaking landscape after another. And every kind of weather in between. The hunt was on for the blossoms. Hokkaido features the yamazakura (mountain blossoms) which are beautiful for sure but we were looking for the somei yoshino…and we finally found a perfect wild grove. Hidden. Set back from the road. With no one around for miles…a world away from sharing their beauty with millions as is usual during the peak season down south. It was extraordinary.

Starring just the loveliest of couples, Jimmy & Ly. Time for them just to be…to tell their story & create an odyssey of memories none of us will ever forget. Jimmy & Ly thank you for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was all a dream & just so fabulous. You were both a joy to be with & we so appreciate you just going with us…Can you climb up there? Yes! Will you go to the top of that hill? Sure! Now run down it. Here we come! And quickly get out of the car & chase sunset. On it! They did it all & more… We are truly grateful to have such amazing clients…

Endless thanks to Trace for her spectacular driving & mad skills to find the light & chase down the sun. And thank you, thank you to our wonderful Hair & Make-up Artist Aya who created masterpieces everywhere from car parks, to cliff-tops, seaside shanty towns, among the stunning blossoms & deep in the snow… Hokkaido dreaming today… Read more

37 Frames: Best of the Best Engagement Photos for 2014!

May 21, 2014
21 May 2014

We are delighted to announce our inclusion on the Junebug Weddings Best of the Best Engagement Photos for 2014!!

Out of more than 5000 contributions worldwide, 60+ countries, we have made their prestigious top 50 list, meticulously curated by the Junebug Editorial team. And out of all the awards & accolades this one is so special & poignant as it embraces so many genres of photography & world class photographers. It is truly the one list we dream of being on. Being able to showcase our work & Japan via this medium & amongst such a caliber of talent is equally overwhelming & humbling. Being featured among some of our all-time favorite photographers & mentors from NY to Paris to San Francisco to Brazil …. and all points in between is simply astonishing for us.

We honestly just go our own way here in Tokyo, so that our work is recognized on a world stage blows us away… Made all the more special knowing the daily frustrations & barriers we often encounter photographing & working in this endlessly fascinating country we have all collided in – Japan. That we are the only photographers in Japan on the Junebug World’s Best Photographers Guide is also something we are so proud of. We just adore everything Junebug represents & are beyond excited to be recognized on both the Best of the Best Engagement Photos for 2014 as well as the Best of the Best Wedding Photos for 2012 & with Honorable Mentions in 2013.

But on to the image…taken in Hawaii in April for the amazing multi-day wedding of Yohko & Vijay (HERE & HERE). We had already connected to photograph part 1 of their beautiful Engagement experience in Kyoto in December, and met up for part 2 of their engagement shoot a few days before the Hawaiian celebrations at aptly named Magic Island… among the palm trees, drenched in love… Much love & many thanks to you both for just going with us on this one…

Read more

Hawaii Wedding Photography : Lanikuhonua – Yohko & Vijay

May 15, 2014
15 May 2014

“Hold me close
I am Love and I am always yours.” ~ Rumi

And the fairytale continues with Yohko & Vijay’s stunning finale…their incredible Indian Celebration. With the Japanese wedding, the day before, a magical memory we shifted cultures – now immersed in the most fragrant blooms, color, glorious Sari’s, intricate preparation & the anticipation of all to come…Starting at the fabulous Ihilani JW Marriott with the festivities right next door at the luscious Lanikuhonua. It was honestly a (photographers) dream…all the details, the emotions, the ceremony, the excitement. There was just so much heart & love. The getting ready was epic – one of our most favorite of all-time…the gems, the flowers, the transformation, all the cast…A bridal party we adored with a staircase first look that was simply beautiful & reactionary. Yohko, in her sublime Sari, an utter goddess & Vijay, in his Sherwani, her perfect handsome match.

We had just a little time before for portraits around the gorgeous grounds of Ihilani and are so grateful to the bridal party & couple for working with us in a time crunch. They were amazing and even with the weight of the Sari & accessories…it was all extraordinary.

And then we all went to see a man about a horse…as Vijay prepared for the Baraat (entrance processional) signaling the (continuing!) start of this beautiful story…dancing in the street – just the way we love life. Moving onto the Lanikuhonua grounds in readiness for the ceremony. The Mandap was dreamy in the cloudy late afternoon, backing right on to the ocean, just waiting for Yohko & the bridesmaids (& the official coconut!) to make their grand entrance.

The hindu ceremony was fascinating and peppered with so many profoundly beautiful & mesmerizing moments. A collection of rituals performed by the bride, bridegroom, parents & close relatives. From the sheer curtain separating the couple, there was the tying of the knot, the holy fire, the ring game, the ceremonial rice showering/bucketing, the seven steps and just so much more…but most importantly there was joy, laughter, understanding and the coming together of soul mates.

After all was official (now in both cultures!) everyone was ready for the delightful reception which began with an epic dancing entrance by the entire Bridal party. As the sun set this party was ON under the stars, with just a sprinkling of rain to cool us all down & make the dance floor absolutely AWESOME. Then there was that gorgeous first dance. All so beautifully real & honestly just so much fun. The poignancy of being involved in a small way & documenting such love & happiness is never lost on us. We are just so grateful for this most beautiful job and the parade of life, characters & emotions we witness passing our lens. To the amazing team who combined to create this 2-day extravaganza our endless thanks. You were all a dream for us to work with professionally & personally, especially Jenn & the Savvy team, Kris & Traci. It was wonderful to leave Hawaii with not only the most exquisite memories but new treasured friends.

Yohko & Vijay,
Words will never express what you have come to mean to us & all those around you and how transforming this experience was. To think this is just the beginning for you is truly the stuff of happy endings & dreams coming true…because if the start is anything to go by…we ALL cannot wait for what’s next…Dance on. Dance on.
With love,
Tracey & Dee Read more