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37 Frames Tokyo Master Class – Wedding Photography Workshop

June 16, 2015
16 Jun 2015

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” ~ Chinese Proverb

Delighted to feature some images from our recent 37 Frames Tokyo Workshop. Such an inspiring day and we loved sharing, connecting & meeting so many talented photographers. We all collided for a marathon day of learning – tell all & share all – at the Lytro Studio in Harajuku – the most perfect location. Many, many thanks to the superb Lytro team, especially Ed & the lovely Chrissy (in town at totally the right time!!!) for all their support of this event. Please make sure to drop by, check out the live studio and play with the incredible Illum to create your own living pictures. We promise you will love it! …  We started the 37 Frames day with a hands-on seminar, demonstrating everything from our signature ring shots, hair-spray shots, detail shots as we continued through our Wedding Day Walk-Through. Fundy Software Inc provided some fabulous swag which we all so truly appreciated. Delicious lunch from the awesome crew at Kiwi Kitchen followed and then it was time for our real couple shoot, with gorgeous REAL couple Aya & Teru. We took on the backstreets of Harajuku, just so Tokyo, and ended up for our model Reception space at the sublime Bepocah – one of the very best and most delicious restaurants in Tokyo. Many, many, many thanks to everyone at Bepocah for so warmly welcoming us as we took over for a few hours. And to the lovely team at Bloom & Stripes for the darling florals. We worked, practiced, played with all kinds of light in all kinds of situations, but of course Profoto was our very ,very favorite. And again, many, many thanks to Profoto Japan for all their support. The new B2’s are stunning & the quality of light remarkable. And it was such a joy to have these tools available to the participants. The number one rule of wedding photography (on the wedding day) is “fast & convenient”. Get your shots quickly, without too much setup and make them amazing. Profoto delivered on all levels – fast, convenient, amazing quality. Cannot wait to see what they can do with our next destination wedding in Mexico in a couple of weeks. After a quick debrief and business presentation back at Lytro, with a Fundy & Illum demo, we headed back out to the street for a night shoot & our 37 Frames bag of tricks & endless ooohs & ahhhs… just so much fun. We are still laughing about the Car Park shoot. The day ended with pizza and Trace’s critique & an overwhelming love of photography and admiration for this industry.

Many, many, many thanks for everyone for joining us. We adored it all & learnt equally as much. Thank you for opening your hearts, for all your questions & focused listening (in English with no translation!!!) It was intense & exhilarating and we hope your Ah-ha moments come very, very often. We are so excited to all be part of elevating the industry, sharing and supporting each other from platforms like this. And we just cannot wait to see where this journey takes us all…

* The 37 Frames Workshop was quickly SOLD OUT. We apologize to those photographers who contacted us after the spaces had already been filled. But we are looking at a date to do another Tokyo Master Class very soon.  And we have some very special “37 Frames Presents” Workshops & Events in the planning stages for 2016 with more of the world’s most talented wedding photographers with a range of styles and techniques coming to Tokyo from all over the world – Greece, Malaysia, Hong Kong & the USA. More to come…

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37 Frames – WPPI 2015

February 19, 2015
19 Feb 2015

“If you want to live your life in a creative way, as an artist, you have to not look back too much.” Steve Jobs

WPPI starts NEXT WEEK! WPPI is an educational and networking experience like no other in our industry.  We know there educational opportunities everywhere you turn these days for photographers, but WPPI has always been something quite different, unique, for us.

15,000 photographers and filmmakers, the most prestigious print & filmmaking competition, over 100 of the industry’s best educators, an enormous tradeshow with amazing companies – inspiration, motivation, education, networking and learning opportunities literally everywhere. There’s something for everyone at WPPI, whether beginner and starting out, or a long-time professional, there is truly something for us all.  The photography industry moves so quickly, keeping up with technology, new trends and techniques… and things can be so overwhelmingly busy with clients and work, that to make time for our own professional development can be difficult. But to continue learning and growing and seeing what’s happening in other parts of the world, there’s nothing more valuable. And nothing more important in this rapidly changing industry. As Steve Jobs said in the quote above “you have to not look back too much.”  WPPI is always about looking forward for us here at 37 Frames. Read more

37 Frames: Best of the Best Engagement Photos for 2014!

May 21, 2014
21 May 2014

We are delighted to announce our inclusion on the Junebug Weddings Best of the Best Engagement Photos for 2014!!

Out of more than 5000 contributions worldwide, 60+ countries, we have made their prestigious top 50 list, meticulously curated by the Junebug Editorial team. And out of all the awards & accolades this one is so special & poignant as it embraces so many genres of photography & world class photographers. It is truly the one list we dream of being on. Being able to showcase our work & Japan via this medium & amongst such a caliber of talent is equally overwhelming & humbling. Being featured among some of our all-time favorite photographers & mentors from NY to Paris to San Francisco to Brazil …. and all points in between is simply astonishing for us.

We honestly just go our own way here in Tokyo, so that our work is recognized on a world stage blows us away… Made all the more special knowing the daily frustrations & barriers we often encounter photographing & working in this endlessly fascinating country we have all collided in – Japan. That we are the only photographers in Japan on the Junebug World’s Best Photographers Guide is also something we are so proud of. We just adore everything Junebug represents & are beyond excited to be recognized on both the Best of the Best Engagement Photos for 2014 as well as the Best of the Best Wedding Photos for 2012 & with Honorable Mentions in 2013.

But on to the image…taken in Hawaii in April for the amazing multi-day wedding of Yohko & Vijay (HERE & HERE). We had already connected to photograph part 1 of their beautiful Engagement experience in Kyoto in December, and met up for part 2 of their engagement shoot a few days before the Hawaiian celebrations at aptly named Magic Island… among the palm trees, drenched in love… Much love & many thanks to you both for just going with us on this one…

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Celebrating LOVE : Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2014
14 Feb 2014

“Oh, if it be to choose and call thee mine, love, thou art every day my Valentine! ” ~ Thomas Hood

As if we needed another reason to celebrate love… Thank you, St Valentine… Love & chocolate… a divine occasion. And a dusting of snow here in Tokyo today. So the perfect time to share a little 37 Frames retrospective featuring some (certainly not all) of our beautiful, dazzling, head-over-heels-in-love couples this past year or so. Whether it’s celebrating young or seasoned love, wedding bells, one-year, 10-year, 20-year, or 45-year anniversaries, or simply a Day in the Life… we are addicted to the stories and embracing love in all its forms, colors, genres, combinations…

Come get swept away in love just for a while. Follow cupids arrow… Read more

WPPI 2013 Photographers Ignite – We’re BACK….

February 18, 2013
18 Feb 2013

We’re BACK! MGM Grand Las Vegas March 12! Kevin Kubota’s Photographers Ignite!! We present to you “Chasing the Light – Life Inspired by Light, the Endless Pursuit to be lighter & trying to make light of it all…” Sharing the stage with some of our favourite superstars Melissa & Jerry Ghionis, Julieanne Kost, Karen Seifert, Craig Strong and so many more… Join us Tuesday, March 12, as us and this year’s crop of presenters will entertain, educate, and motivate you. Be there or be square! (not our 80’s reference… but we love it…. as it’s hip to be square).

来月ラスベガスで開催されるWPPI 2013で再びスピーカーとして招かれることになり、とってもわくわくしています。 Kevin KubotaさんのPhotographer’s Ignite。只今プレゼンの準備中。待ち遠しい~!!

Photographers Ignite 2013


There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave.  The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.  ~ Dale Carnegie


37 Frames: Aurora Borealis Photography Workshop in Norway – The Northern Lights Chase (part 2!)

February 13, 2013
13 Feb 2013

37 Frames Northern Lights Workshop. Tromso, Norway.

Behind the clouds the sky is always blue. ~ (Norwegian Proverb)

And the chase continues as we continue chasing life. We’re on or probably back from Okinawa by the time this gets posted. A quick little work/life diversion. From the Arctic Circle to the calm, sub-tropical aquamarine waters of the East China Sea. Our dreamscapes continuing to be colored by the Northern Lights, no matter how far removed we may be now. The experience lingers and we are in wonderment every time we revisit our celestial encounter. So the chase continues…as we move forward elated from our light show the previous evening (featured in Part 1) we wake up to Day 4 of our Workshop with a fabulous morning adventure thanks to Silvia to Ersfjordbotn. We were hoping for a light show of a different kind – the Arctic glow, a sunrise and set all-in-one. But this day the clouds came to play and we would be celebrating blues – the happy kind, with smiles – both sheer relief after a harrowing ice crossing from the car park to the icy beach and the fact that this landscape rightinfrontofus was simply breathtaking. Mountains rising from frozen lakes. A little surprise on our itinerary we hadn’t envisaged. Just the location for the ubiquitous group shot and some lovely portraits. Just to remember that we were indeed there. Read more

37 Frames: Aurora Borealis Photography Workshop in Norway – The Northern Lights Chase (part 1!)

January 29, 2013
29 Jan 2013


“A hero is one who knows how to hang on one minute longer.” ~ (Norwegian Proverb)

Velkommen! We’re back to the blog, we‘re back in Japan and ready to take on the year after a once-in-a-lifetime start which we’d love to share in all it’s beautiful light, learning and yes, often hilarious moments. We’re back from chasing the light in Norway following our Aurora Borealis Photography Workshop at the Top of the World. We went to chase dreams, work hard and find the light. And came away with so much more. (And my stress levels finally A LOT diminished.) Clichéd as it sounds…memories of a lifetime, wonderful, meaningful friendships, and utter awe and amazement at the power and breathtaking beauty of nature and the world beyond this little, spinning planet we call home. We remain spellbound by the stars, the universe and our experience together with just an incredible group of people. Endlessly positive, upbeat and full of life and a love of photography, sharing and risking it all. Some of them, yes really, in high heels in the Arctic Circle…This was a remarkable workshop like none other. One which these two control freaks had no real control over. This was wholly dependent on A) The Weather and B) if the Northern Lights would even show up…Everyone understood this coming into the experience. Life has no guarantees and this was the perfect narrative. We had so many inquires for this trip but we had to be honest, upfront and make people aware of this very simple fact… We may not see the lights. But we will do whatever we can to find them. Be in the best possible place at the best possible time at the peak of this 11 year cycle. Learning always and sharing this love of photography. And never, ever giving up (even if it means driving to Finland…) But there is an element of unpredictability we had to be prepared for. And impart. And this seemed to be a game changer for the type of people who came. Because for us that’s what life’s all about…taking the road less traveled, taking risks, failing much, waiting patiently, being brave when you feel the opposite, but always, always going for it and remaining positive whatever the outcome (with a Plan B in the back pocket…bit of green gel on our Ice Light…) And so on with the show, the many reflections and for one of us (…not mentioning any names…Trace) an adventure or two in the Norwegian emergency room and the loopy aftereffects. It was a journey of a lifetime and we just cannot wait for the next one. Presenting…Part 1 of 3 with the photo layout just a little bit larger than usual… Read more

37 Frames : Executive Fight Night – Grand Hyatt Tokyo. November 16, 2012

September 26, 2012
26 Sep 2012

“Rhythm is everything in boxing. Every move you make starts with your heart, and that’s in rhythm or you’re in trouble.” ~ Sugar Ray Robinson

Life. You never know where it will take you…today’s post is kind of a metaphor for this last year. Never giving up, challenging yourself, taking on all comers, trying new stuff, duking it out passionately, giving back…So when the Ginja Ninja’s (Nifty, Nimble and yes, Naughty) asked us if we’d like to be involved in the inaugural upcoming Executive Fight Night, we didn’t even need a count. We were so in. Come November 16th Tokyo will have the chance to see how 16 regular participants turned their lives around after 12-weeks of hardcore training to go the distance in the ring. Matched up via weight-class it will be a gala evening of Las-Vegas style boxing. With part of the proceeds going to the fight against Breast Cancer. And we’ll be there. As an official sponsor. Ringside, with the cameras. Trace is ready for action and would do just about anything to announce Let’s get Ready to Rumble. I’ll be there, and will do my best not to jump in the ring when I think they’ve had enough. Before we’re probably detained at the door we had to get the promo shots. And here are some of our favorites with more to come…On a night in Arisugawa Park this is what you might get up to…Fighters (massive respect!) we did our best to get you out of training for a bit. I think the coaches were on to us once the water bottle for the hot & sweaty shots came out… Our job is just sooooo pedestrian. We’ll be back with more updates & oodles of boxing euphemisms as we count down to the big night.

For more info, the fighters profiles & how to get the hottest tickets in town visit:

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37 Frames : Home & some hot news…

July 19, 2012
19 Jul 2012

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.”~ Matsuo Basho

We made it. Back home. For now. Hot and sweltering in the oven that is currently Tokyo.  Our hearts are in Italy still, but thankfully for our waistlines we are not. When the customs officer inquired if the copious amounts of salsa truffles in our suitcases were commercial samples, we just smiled knowingly and said nonono. They are all most definitely for personal consumption. Grazie. So yes, we LOVED Italy and adored Spain and will share all the news and oodles of images here on the blog very soon. We’ve come back refreshed (until that horrendous milk-run of a long haul flight home) and beyond inspired. Which was more than we hoped for and exactly what we need after that unending start to the year. Japan – we’ve missed you but liked it just a little bit cooler. But no worries as things were about to hot up anyway with lots coming up, especially our next 37 Frames Workshop, July 29th. And it’s just over a week away. We still have places available as many are away for the summer, so it’s the perfect chance to cool off (in a very nicely air-coned space), get plenty of attention, learn, connect and just have a fabulous photo time. Cannot wait. We need a minimum of 5 for this event. And all the details are HERE. So looking forward to it. And then it’s firmly back to the inbox (I will have it under control by Friday and back to everyone by then I PROMISE!!!) beautiful sessions and interesting projects before the whirlwind end of the year begins mid-September.

So we’re longing for the Autumn/Fall as we reminisce on Spring today with another of our sweet blossom Sessions. And with a family we just adore. Sparkling in the clear early morning. With fountains of love, sunlight, smiles and yes, that tutu to make it all the more spectacular… Read more

37 Frames : On The WORKSHOP…

June 5, 2012
05 Jun 2012

“Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true.” ~ Jacques Henri Lartigue

We had been so looking forward to this for some time. The 37 Frames 1-Day Workshop. A whole day of devoted to nothing but a love of photography. In Tokyo. Designed to be engaging, in a thoroughly warm and supportive learning environment. To get off Auto and understand your fancy camera once & for all (and to finally dust off that manual in conjunction with having Trace right on hand…). And to start being free to create without fear of what will happen if I push this button? Whatever the interest in photography people, places, life – the key was to develop transferable skills and try it all. And to  practice, practice, practice and of course to have oodles of fun and to connect. And most importantly to simply get more out of your Japan story. Lofty goals perhaps? But we were up for it. And everyone needs a starting point. So away we go… We started early and went seriously all day. From 10am-9pm, not quite sure how it was going to go, where the learning curve would be and how things would unfold. But the day, the gorgeous group and the results surpassed even our expectations. And so we’ve already planned the next one – the date is set for July 29th and registration is ONLINE HERE. Following that our next date is in early September with an advanced Workshop planned for November. So looking forward to it all… But for now back to today and we’re featuring all the post… The run-down, the follow-up. The photos. The play-by-play.  Where we started and where we ended – and all those moments in between.

In the middle of Shibs everyone found us and Sunday morning was spent on technicals. Just the tip of the iceberg, we know, but we covered A LOT, with little mini-teaches after each segment, lots of sharing and finding buttons and discussion and 13+ new friends made. Read more