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Celebrating LOVE : Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2014
14 Feb 2014

“Oh, if it be to choose and call thee mine, love, thou art every day my Valentine! ” ~ Thomas Hood

As if we needed another reason to celebrate love… Thank you, St Valentine… Love & chocolate… a divine occasion. And a dusting of snow here in Tokyo today. So the perfect time to share a little 37 Frames retrospective featuring some (certainly not all) of our beautiful, dazzling, head-over-heels-in-love couples this past year or so. Whether it’s celebrating young or seasoned love, wedding bells, one-year, 10-year, 20-year, or 45-year anniversaries, or simply a Day in the Life… we are addicted to the stories and embracing love in all its forms, colors, genres, combinations…

Come get swept away in love just for a while. Follow cupids arrow… Read more

37 Frames : The Grandmother’s Obi…

April 2, 2013
02 Apr 2013

“Don’t live down to expectations.  Go out there and do something remarkable.”  ~ Wendy Wasserstein

What we absolutely love about this Japan life is never knowing what’s next…With the constant always being the people and their story. So here is another diversion today. A Coming of Age tale. Seijin-no-hi her way. For someone very, very, very special. Mio. We have known her since she was 9 (which makes us older than we think and happily in denial). We’ve watched her grow into the beautiful, dynamic, charismatic person she is, inside and out. Seeing her take on the world, and all that she will do, accomplish and the many people she will touch is & will continue to be dazzling. So when she asked if we could do her coming-of-age photos, there was absolutely no question. Wearing her Grandmother’s Obi (with her gran present) it was a debut of color, love and laughter. Her time in the spotlight. Literally. Our locations brimming, glistening with simply amazing light, it couldn’t have been anymore her or us. And the perfect milestone from which to springboard as she shines her light on the world… Read more

Destination Wedding Photographers : Cortnie & Matthew – Little Cove Noosa

November 30, 2012
30 Nov 2012

“If you want to know how much I love you, count the waves.”  ~ Anonymous

Today’s feature is a little about us and of course A LOT about them. It’s about waiting and that good things do happen in the course of time. It’s about love, the beach & sunshine, what it means to come home and be surrounded by the unconditional love of family & friends, culminating in an epically fabulous wedding week. Cortnie & Matt, we had been sooooo waiting…And for us it was our first trip home in almost 2 years, post earthquake. So it was always going to be emotionally charged, hopelessly special and the perfect way to celebrate – a whole week together for Trace’s youngest brothers’ destination wedding in Noosa. Sure at a mad time of year… but a perfect escape. Yes, we’d been waiting and when we couldn’t wait any longer we were planning and dreaming of toes in the sand, family time and how to document it all. A world away from our kimonos, shrines, rigid rules and timelines. Our gift to them, we couldn’t not do it. And when the wait was up it was of course over in a flash. A beautiful blur of stunning white gowns, breathtaking scenery, laughter still echoing, Pat Benatar tributes at the surf club, bridesmaids dancing in the sunset, evenings that melted into mornings, groomsmen (pretty much) under control, hammocks, and early spring days at the coast. It was about taking time to celebrate – really celebrate and feel connected after the past 2 years in flux. And to be creative, working with and in the elements (wind, free-flowing bubbles ALL WEEK & yes, relatives…) being out of the regular comfort zone and to keep pushing ourselves. The beach, cocktails, fishing off the back deck, time with the godsons, some geocaching and catch-ups late into the night all helped…

And honestly how we wish we were there right now – away from the depths of editingeditingediting, the end of the year push, isolation, the inbox and seemingly impossible deadlines & requests. Was it really well more than a month ago? So we click our sparkly heels (which we throw off once we’re down on the beach) and say “there’s no place like Little Cove”. And there truly, truly isn’t. And we’re transported back to that magical, dreamy day just before Cortnie emerged from a rainforest of sunbeams to find her Matt right there waiting…

All roads led to Little Cove & a gorgeous love affair so very meant to be. So on with the show… It lasted a week, the best way to do a wedding. Everyone is there and present. Away from daily life. With one goal in mind… cel-er-brate-good-times-come-on… So naturally several thousand images taken… and we have tried our very best to edit…hopelessly of course… We’ll save the oodles of family photos for our Fine Art Books, currently a duo series (The Week of the Wedding & The Wedding). And once we come up for air after we’ll feature some highlights of the pre-wedding story… But for now it’s back to the Big Day… Read more

Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Champagne Dreams – The Wedding…

October 6, 2012
06 Oct 2012

“Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams.” ~ Ellen Simon

It was a showstopping, elegant affair. Classic glamor with all the modern trimmings. Like they’d just stepped out of the pages of a magazine. Only the very best bubbles, couture gowns with that bow to swoon over, a sharp tuxedo and perhaps the sweetest little flower girl. Ever. With simply the most stellar team in Tokyo on hand,  we had been sooooo waiting for this fairytale wedding. From the beautifully real and love-filled engagement session we were welcomed just so warmly and it truly was a joy to continue telling this love story. More than a year in the making…it was finally the day.  A wedding drenched in champagne wishes & caviar dreams. On with the pre-show…  Read more

37 Frames: Lani & Sam – The Tokyo Love Story Continues

September 15, 2012
15 Sep 2012

“You had me at hello.” ~ Jerry Maguire

The story started with that Proposal. And of course that was just the beginning. Some amazing, breathless beginning the town is still buzzing about. Fast forward a few months and it’s now all very officially official. Mr & Mrs. Sam & Lani. With the big wedding and I do’s in Australia over the summer it was now time to celebrate Tokyo-style. And we were beyond delighted to be involved in this swish affair with their many friends, from all walks of life. This story is so not done yet. It was the city meets Old Hollywood as the rain came down and we all met in the dressing room. How we got into the dress will remain between us. But Lani was a vision and Sam as cool as always (even as we bothered him hopelessly while he was going over his speech – which he made flawlessly in Japanese…respect…). We really had to channel that old hollywood style…one light, tight space…and it so suited them and we all had a ball.  So we went for a little noir edge for this series…From the entrance, to the cake, to the speeches, to the just letting loose and celebrating and then that beautiful first/second dance. It was all just so lovely, and so much tremendous fun. Due to time and the rain we didn’t have a chance to do the Bridal Portraits we were dreaming of, save for the spotlight in the rain (the torrential rain) at the end… So yes, this story continues when we take on the city next week for the post-Bridal Session… bringing out the dress, the veil, the shoes, the whole shebang for one more night on the town. It will all feature here soon…And now on to some highlights… Read more

Destination Wedding Photographers : Breathless in Barcelona

September 13, 2012
13 Sep 2012

“Love is the shortest distance between hearts.” ~ Unknown

We’re sharing some love today direct from Spain which, we’re still dreaming about (that and the Sangria…), via Porto, Portugal. Meet the stunning, so-in-love-it’s-breathtaking Miriam & Nelson. Under the guidance of Maestro & photographer extraordinaire Keda Z, we had the chance to connect in Barcelona. More, much more on Keda in an upcoming post. We spent a beautiful afternoon amid icons celebrating love, life, passion & learning for a fashion-inspired post-Bridal experience. They stopped traffic, eyes only for each other and our own ah-ha moments haven’t stopped since. Here’s a little slice of a Spanish Love Story… Read more

Destination Wedding Photographers : Giulia + Marco (The Wedding – Italy)

August 20, 2012
20 Aug 2012

 “Ho scritto una storia d’amore senza inizio e senza fine…per scriverla con te.” (I have written a love story without a beginning or ending…so that we may write it together.) ~ Anon

Mama Mia! We are firmly back in all-things Italy with our featured wedding today. Yes, it’s the Italian wedding affair…the much-anticipated wedding of Marco + Giulia. We left them in their topless fiat on the golden back-roads of Umbria and will forever more be dreaming of the perfect sparkling light, quaint cobblestoned lanes, love-crossed windows, that magic faraway castle and all the moments in between. If their wedding were to be anything like the prelude…it was going to be one favoloso celebration. And it was a dream come true on so many levels. For them, naturally, and also for us. It was an honor to photograph the day as it unfolded alongside mentors Bob & Dawn Davis and a most colorful cast of thousands. It was a union steeped in tradition, culture, romance and truly so much joy (with the good food and wine an absolute given…).  The meeting of soul-mates with proud families in attendance, some very curious onlookers with binoculars (of course…) and some of the most robust rice throwing we have ever witnessed. So yes, we were a world away from Kimono’s, precision timing and the virginroad. We were in Italy. And it was true amore from the very start… Avanti con lo show…(google translate…don’t let us down now…) Read more

Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Momoko + Alexander – The Wedding

August 16, 2012
16 Aug 2012

“Pearls are always appropriate.” ~  Jackie Kennedy

It started with a story. Which is just perfect for us because we’re all about the story. Especially if it’s a really fabulous story. Featuring a fast-moving train. With a proposal on that platform, a dash of drama, beautiful people, boundless love and energy and quite simply the most exquisite accessories. Of all-time. So we knew it was going to be some wedding…we simply couldn’t wait. The stuff of modern day fairy-tales and dreams. A breathtaking Manor, hidden in the middle of the city. A sweeping staircase, stunning balconies and the most magnificent grounds. It was a world away from Tokyo. And yet that’s right where we were. It was finally wedding day for Momo & Alex, our gorgeous, head-over-heels-in-love, dynamo of a couple. And the fact that it was raining may have been a saving grace. For us all. Life doesn’t always go according to plan, especially in rainy season, in Japan. Which is why we always have a beautiful Plan B and a brolly nearby. Because seriously this venue was so stunning and so over-flowing with inspiration they may never have gotten to the alter if we’d had our way photographing them – without the sweet rain. So keep us undercover…it couldn’t have been more lovely. The rain casting a misty, ethereal glaze, those dramatic balconies and bannisters creating the perfect frames and those black & white iconic tiles just waiting for a elegant bride and groom. Check. Check. Check. Then throw in that dress, the Jimmy Choos, that bridal party, the details, the wine, the pearls and the joy of family and friends and we have one dazzlingly, chic Wedding… Read more

37 Frames: Bob + Dawn – A 20-year real love story…

August 8, 2012
08 Aug 2012

“You have half our gifts. I the other. Together we make a whole.” ― Joss Stirling, Finding Sky

We love telling life’s most beautiful stories. We know in our hearts that’s what we are meant to do. When those stories happen to be head-over-heels-in-love LOVE stories, we can hardly resist. And when those love-love stories happen to span time & place and recognize an affection as tangible now as when it all started 20 years ago, then it’s simply a modern-day fairytale. And we adore those. And then, you know, throw in ohhh, a castle and dazzling characters and sure, we will brave driving the Italian freeways to make it there in time. And for once it all worked out. It beautifully came together. In the most absolutely perfect way. Mentors and dear friends, Bob & Dawn decided to renew their vows before the start of their Italian workshop. If we could arrive a day or so before then we would be so welcome to share in this very special celebration. We honestly didn’t think we’d be able to make it, too many commitments. But as life and luck would happen, the universe aligned, plans could be changed and after many ridiculous lost-in-translation phonecalls Air China came through with a ticket reschedule and we made it. Just. Walking the quiet cobbled lane to Sismano, we wondered if we had found the right place. And then we heard the voices and the squeals of delight and we knew we were where we had to be. We were there just to soak it all in and celebrate a love stronger day by day. We didn’t expect to take any photos at all. Truth be told we were honestly exhausted, burnt out and pondering our future right about here. But when Dawn asked us if we’d like to take a few photos, only and emphatically, if we were up to it and wanted to… well there was no question about it. We’d love to. Truly. Except for the fact, that no equipment was charged. Woefully under-prepared. And so of course we went and photographed the wedding renewal for THE Master of Light with only available natural light. Embarrassed much? Yes, we did it our way. We are fully aware of the technical shortcomings…we are almost horrified by this. Almost. (But right at the end when everything was charged, we did go all WTF on ourselves!!!) Either way, with or without that little extra punch of light… these two always sparkle. And we were truly so honored and delighted to be there and tell just a small part of their story.  The start of the next bit. Heading towards 20 more amazing years. Their love knows no bounds. So together with their fabulous family, and an intimate group of friends (from all over the world) they renewed their commitment to each other. Soulmates. And today we’d love to share it. Beautifully moving, very real, with that Castle backdrop and the rolling hills of Umbria beyond. There were tears for sure, tempered with joy, endless laughter, bubbles and the ceremony-bombing Buffino the dog. There were surprises, gorgeous gowns, lovely florals, a breathtaking sunset, the splendor of St. Andrea’s church and truffle-laden dishes over a twilight dinner (we’ll do just about anything for truffles…). Throw in an accordion player, dancing late into the night and a sunrise they’ll never forget and it was the perfect beginning to the rest of their life. On with the show… 20 years in the making.

Read more

Destination Wedding Photographers : Giulia + Marco (The Engagement – Italy)

July 31, 2012
31 Jul 2012

“Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame”.  ~ Henry David Thoreau

Rolling hills, a faraway Castle in the air, a clock tower, those doors, Romeo & Juliet windows, cobblestones & shadows, the fragrance of summer, passion, laughter and intimacy, that iconic late-afternoon Italian light, and yes, a zippy, dazzling convertible. This was how we met Giulia and Marco. She’s an architect. He works for THAT car company, Fiat. And they so incredibly, warmly and openly welcomed us into their lives. Our gorgeous Italian Wedding couple. Worlds collided. So it was quite the introduction and an incredible canvas for their engagement-session to play out on, just days before their beautiful, dreamy Italian affair. Alongside mentor and maestro Bob, we looked for the light and the moments in between. Sparks flew and this is our take on how their story started… Read more