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Hong Kong Engagement – KC & Josh

November 11, 2015
11 Nov 2015

“The drama, the charm and the beauty of Hong Kong is all here-just as is its breathless energy.” ~ Nury Vittachi

We are firmly in Japan for the last couple of weeks left in 2015 & fully into our peak Fall season. Such a stunning time of year here. While Fall explodes around us we venture back to Summer in Hong Kong and a quick Engagement Session just before KC & Josh’s epic Four Season’s Hong Kong Wedding. We had just a little time together before the main event to take in the spectacular city views that are just sooooo HK, get lost in the hustle and bustle and then go round and round and round for a shot we conceptualized together…Such a beautiful experience with equally beautiful people. Thank you truly for just going with everything…it’s a night we won’t soon forget… To love and iconic Ferris Wheels… Read more

Okinawa Pre-wedding & Engagement Photography

November 9, 2015
09 Nov 2015

“As the ocean is never full of water, so is the heart never full of love.” ~ Unknown

Japan is a land of contrasts. From iconic mountains, to the concrete, extraordinary cities with so many pockets of beauty. We adore it all. The spectacular forests, the cultural assets, the coastlines, the nature & UNESCO sites…But there’s one place we are always waiting to get back to & we haven’t explored nearly enough…Okinawa. It has it all…more or less. Pristine beaches, vibrant culture and stunning natural beauty. So it was such a joy to be part of Akane & Kiyo’s Pre-wedding Story in preparation for their beautiful upcoming November Wedding (we are truly excited for!!). While Tokyo endured incredible deluges, we had nothing but blue skies down south…Palm trees in the breeze and an azure sea…We had a fabulous day together. As is often the case in Okinawa Bridal companies plan the wedding attire part of the day & there can be many restrictions on bringing in outside photographers, but this company kindly allowed us to come in to photograph as well (& we are so grateful). We did have to work around their photographer (great guy but of course not ideal), and their plan (no control of location or timing), but that makes it all even more of a challenge. And despite this we all had a wonderful time, working the light, going rogue when we could (the company kindly let us run away here & there) and making the very most of our time together to tell a story of soulmates with a love of the sea. Akane & Kiyo, thank you truly for an exquisite trip & a darling chapter in your story. We simply cannot wait for what’s next…

We are still Okinawa dreaming… happily we will return several times in 2016 as part of our Pre-Wedding Schedule (all the info is HERE). Until then just like they say down south…we will…’go & come back’ (行じ、めんしぇーびり). Read more

Tokyo By Night – Engagement Photography

October 27, 2015
27 Oct 2015

“Open your heart and take us in,
Love — love and me.”
~W.E. Henley

An early Fall Tokyo Story to share today. One of our favorite kinds of experiences, an iconic “I Love Tokyo” Session. And we truly do love this chaotic, breathless, bustling canvas that is Tokyo. The perfect playground to get lost in. And we love it even more when our clients opt to take on the city from day to night. Featuring quiet moments to fall in love some more, combined with the hustle & bustle of the magnificent urban sprawl, the dazzling bright lights, referential signage and all those moments in between, which make Japan, well…so very Japan. Such a beautiful warm day, with a truly lovely couple. Stopping traffic in that stunning hot pink Cheongsam. It was a joy from start to finish, amid skylines & drenched in sunbeams with an evening finale under the train tracks… Read more

Tokyo Engagement Photography – Lanie & Howel

September 21, 2015
21 Sep 2015

“Fog is rain that whispers.” ~ Olivia Dresher

This was one of those experiences where there’s magic. Due to our schedule & theirs we only had one day as a window to plan Lanie & Howel’s Tokyo Engagement session, ahead of their Kariuzawa destination wedding next year. One day. Between us arriving in Tokyo from one of our destination weddings and them having to leave Tokyo to fly home. And while we LOVE the rain when it comes right at the end of a wedding or session (for some sparkle!!), we don’t love torrential downpours as much – for both our gear & client comfort. But we just had one afternoon. Morning was fine – yay! And then the rain came, and came and came. And we met under dark swollen skies but somehow we all knew it would be ok. We were all ready and would embrace anything. Yet miraculously the rain eased (a little) just after we started and the day gave us mist and sprinkles of light. We had the spectacular grounds of one of our favourite historic shrines to ourselves. To explore, to fall in love a bit more, to relish in life & nature and to tell a simply beautiful love story with two gorgeous people – inside and out. And if that wasn’t enough we coupled it with an evening finale in Ginza and a chance encounter with a Crystal exhibition… Another magical day in Tokyo.

Lanie & Howel asked for a more commercial style shoot rather than our more well known emotional, photojournalistic style (with a fashion edge). We all met the challenge and had an amazing afternoon playing and experimenting with new looks and styles while keeping to our 37 Frames roots in light and color. Always light and color. Lanie & Howel, thank you truly for going with all our ideas and being so fearless/stunning all day. You were spectacular to work with and we simply cannot wait for what’s next… Read more

Japan Engagement Photography – I Love Tokyo

September 19, 2015
19 Sep 2015

“Love passionately, adventure often…” ~ Unknown

We love Tokyo. It’s a given. So when our clients select our ‘I Iove Tokyo’ experience we know it’s going to be one fabulous collaboration. Here’s a little peek into a late Spring session with a gorgeous couple in town from Estonia. From referential Japan, to secluded, intimate moments, the city sparked from day to night. Which ended in the pulse of Tokyo, that most famous crossing and all the mish-mash of backstreets we adore, with, yes, just a little splash of color and a whole lot of LOVE… Read more

Tokyo Japan Engagement Photos : Shinjuku

September 18, 2015
18 Sep 2015

“Who travels for love finds a thousand miles not longer than one.” ~ Japanese Proverb

A quintessential Tokyo Engagement Session to feature today. Summertime, in the city. Shinjuku, a vibrant hub, with dazzling contrasts. The very perfect playground for our gorgeous couple (and Pro-baseball player as well) to tell their Tokyo Story. From the treasured National Park and all her pockets of beauty to bustling crossings, subways & cluttered, secret lane-ways. It was a session filled with love, laughter, discovery and all things only-in-Japan. Just the way we adore it… Read more

Tokyo Engagement & Pre-Wedding – Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

August 18, 2015
18 Aug 2015

“Love is the shortest distance between hearts.” ~ Anonymous

Tokyo. It became their half way meeting point. When their relationship was so very long distance. So it was the perfect place, the only place to revel & celebrate in their love story before their wedding next year. It was an absolute delight to take on the city with Fei & Lawrence. Just so beautiful as we explored Tokyo in the summer & that gorgeous summer light. From parks & promenades to moments on the train, remembering all those hellos & just as many goodbyes. And most importantly what it took to get here. And then we took on the night, with Fei absolutely stunning in that spectacular gown – starting at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental Tokyo. The glittering streets of Nihonbashi never looked more magical. We wish you both endless more days together as happy as this one & can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful, love-filled experience. Read more

Villa Amor Wedding – Sayulita, Mexico : Sabrina & Rick (Part 1)

July 17, 2015
17 Jul 2015

“Yo tengo esa costumbre de pensar en ti, cuando hablan de amor.”

“I have this habit of thinking of you, when they talk about love.” ~ Unknown

July has been one of our most magical and busiest months ever…and it all started in Mexico. Hola! A land far, far away with the most incredible couple Sabrina & Rick, their amazing “people” and the kind of destination wedding we dream about in a Villa of Love. Really. Sayulita, a darling seaside village, was the perfect setting for their July 4th wedding. Heat and all. And so the day before we explored the streets, taking in the morning together. Time to just to be…to wander, to reflect, to take in the moments, the colors & light & to fall in love a little bit more. And of course to get completely drenched on a hidden beach waiting just for us. It was the perfect prelude for everything to come, ending the day with a fabulous rehearsal dinner under the stars, memories we will not soon forget & endlessly breathtaking sunsets. Just the most beautiful, beautiful people, who came to us from more beautiful people. We remain humbled and in awe how the world connects us. And that we get to tell these kind of stories & see how people live, love & celebrate is never, ever lost on us. So many new amigos, so much amor… Read more

San Francisco Engagement Photography – Sabrina & Rick

July 4, 2015
04 Jul 2015

“San Francisco itself is art, above all literary art. Every block is a short story, every hill a novel. Every home a poem, every dweller within immortal. That is the whole truth.”~William Saroyan

Hola!! It’s Wedding week in beautiful Mexico and the perfect time to share the Engagement session that started the story as we get ready to celebrate Sabrina & Rick. It’s a little bit Grey’s Anatomy and a whole lot of love and passion. Utter soulmates, we all connected last year in Hawaii (LOVE YOU Yohko & Vijay)…so when their engagement was announced and they contacted us to see if we were available we were SOOOO THERE already. Truly 2 of the most beautiful people ever…We had the chance to reunite in one of our most favorite cities –  San Francisco – for their Engagement Session earlier this year. We were so up for anything. And so were they. It was an epic day, full of laughter, love, the odd nudist (we’re in San Fran after all…) & quesadillas we would fly anywhere for…The ultimate prelude for everything to come. Day to night. Full of amor…and if this is just the beginning we are totally spellbound for what is to come… Read more

Tokyo Engagement Photography – Leanne & Aron

June 10, 2015
10 Jun 2015

“Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” ~ Franklin P. Jones

A beautiful, whirlwind Engagement session to feature today (in less than 20mins)… In a stunning Japanese house, tucked away in Tokyo. We adore these 2, Lia & Aron, and have loved being part of their Japanese celebrations (more on that soon) and next year their epic Bali Wedding… Perfect soulmates in every way & beautiful, talented friends as well. So excited for everything to come… Magic exists… Read more