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37 Frames : Cherry Blossom Pre-Wedding Tokyo + Tokyo Disneyland

April 4, 2014
04 Apr 2014

“It’s spring fever.  That is what the name of it is.  And when you’ve got it, you want – oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!”  ~ Mark Twain

Tokyo is a showcase of blossoms. Absolutely everywhere. An incredible sight that lasts ever-so briefly. So in homage to “hanami” we feature a recent darling Pre-Wedding experience. With Irene & Eric. From Taiwan. Of epic proportions. We had so been waiting for this one & had loved all the planning, spanning continents. From their dream location in dazzling Marunochi, the hunt for some early blossoms was on…and we found them…Sigh. After a peaceful morning surrounded by iconic gardens we raced across town to discover a mass of early pink blooms. Just right for dancing under and taking in the city. The perfect canvas for their story. Just the 2 of them (& their most fabulous of entourage of Bridesmaids). And if all that wasn’t enough their story ended with much fanfare & merriment at the happiest place in earth…A once-in-a-lifetime kind of day… Read more

Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Hotel New Otani Wedding

March 31, 2014
31 Mar 2014

“Blossoms are scattered by the wind and the wind cares nothing, but the blossoms of the heart no wind can touch.” ~ Yoshida Kenko

Ahhhhhh the cherry blossoms. When the whole world turns a delicate pink and life is breathless for a while…Yes, it’s Spring in Tokyo. Again. Sigh. And we have a brief moment off before a marathon of Sakura-drenched sessions over the coming month to take it all in. We are firmly ready to chase the Blossom front!! Today we share our very first 2014 blossom encounter…from a wedding late February…which featured those iconic blossoms. In one of the city’s most historic of venues, The Hotel New Otani. We celebrated Sayaka & Masashi. A gorgeous day steeped in tradition & stories from the church ceremony, to those elegant Otani gardens with our most favorite waterfall. There was a reception with a tea ceremony, overwhelming emotion & oodles of  ‘omotenashi’. Add that incredible kimono, a love letter & the chicest of hotel rooms to watch the sun set and the city float by. And the finale…a Nijikai with that cake of cakes…Our warmest wishes for all that is to come for this beautiful couple. We just loved documenting your story & connecting. And our very sincere thanks to the wonderful Otani Team for so kindly welcoming & supporting us…so much more to come! Read more

Japan Wedding Photographers : Meiji-Jingu Wedding Tokyo – Emi & Yoshinori

March 25, 2014
25 Mar 2014

“Love is the poetry of the senses.”  ~ Honoré de Balzac

The perfectly quintessential Japanese wedding to feature today. Simply iconic in every single way. In the heart of Tokyo at historic & auspicious Meiji Jingu. Under late winter sky, enveloped by a hint of misty rain. Even with all the ludicrous restrictions placed on external photographers (no getting ready coverage, no ceremony, no family portraits & limited access to the couple…) it was a delight to document Emi & Yoshinori from start to finish. Entertaining the guards & teeming crowds was a bonus. Stunning & serene, with moments so emotionally profound. We so deeply felt the warmth & hospitality of both families, so utterly overjoyed as they become one. From the introductions, to the processional, the relaxed & elegant reception at exclusive Torinsou followed. The arrival in the London Taxi twice was unforgettable (with that number plate 11-22 – pronounced ii-ii fu-fu = lovely couple!!) It was all about the sublime details, seen & unseen. The intricate, artful “kaiseki”, the ceremonial sake barrel opening & subsequent serving of guests and just time to enjoy, celebrate these soul-mates. Then there were Emi’s priceless kimonos, those flowers in her hair & Yoshinori’s reaction to her all day…  she is just so beautiful”…we couldn’t agree more. And finally (following a day of delicate negotiations) a little time in the garden together in photos. A dream wedding. With the night still to come and an utterly chic & contemporary 2nd reception with dear friends at our favorite venue the Tokyo American Club. Such a “kanpeki” (perfect) blend of traditional & modern Japan. Rules & all. Hopelessly love-filled, beautifully dance-inspired, and always, only their story.

Many thanks to stellar team at TAC for all their continued support! And very special thanks for the wonderful assistance by Yoshihiro Hirose who covered the end of the reception while we went directly to Haneda (in our wedding clothes) to catch the red eye to Vegas for the WPPI 37 Frames Master Class!! So  wonderful. Honto ni honto ni ARIGATO!!! Read more

Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Yui & Hiroshi

February 19, 2014
19 Feb 2014

“I’ve got my love to keep me warm.” ~ Irving Berlin

Winter wedding bliss with a dusting of snow to feature today. The most darling celebration, drenched in flowers in homage to traditional Japan with all the modern trimmings. From that stunning black wedding Kimono, to the groom & striking red umbrella. An epic entrance, a first dance for all, Jimmy Choos, Tiffany’s, that amazing gown, bridal rugby tackles & cake toppers with minds of their own. It was love & laughter overload. All at one of our favorite venues, the spectacular Tokyo American Club.

We simply love it here, our unexpected home base for sure. The world-class team gives us tremendous support, respect and the freedom to be able to tell our wedding stories the way we see them. With most importantly (almost!) full access. Even with the whirlwind wedding pace. And the freedom for the bride & groom to have their story told in their way – unique to them. No formula, no set plan, always unfolding beautifully real & elegantly. Nothing is ever too difficult and they always go above and beyond for the couple, the guests & for us. And this wedding was such a reflection of this. The terrace covered with snow, no trouble. Trace has the TAC team shoveling it clear in under 10 mins. The timeline too tight for photos, no trouble, it’s adjusted and we shoot later. The incredible Hair & Make-up team will work with us and understand the beauty of the transformation story. Our wedding planner is a dream. The best wedding planner in Japan. We love it when the staff see us taking a photo, which they are obviously in, and they quietly, unobtrusively move out of frame. We notice it all and are so grateful. You can tell they care… You can tell they care for the couple. And for excellence. All this combines to make the stories sparkle with our pj style in mind. And it is such a departure from what we often encounter – where so many places enforce outrageous restrictions/fees, no access to getting ready (or just no access at all), no time at all for portraits or natural family photos and a general apathy & absolutely no understanding of the importance & value of photography. Or what the Art of Wedding Photography is. Such a breath of fresh, sweet air to work with like-minded couples & remarkable venues. Having had so many experiences this past year we just simply wanted to put it our there. TAC Bridal team… 37 Frames loves you. Let Wedding Season reign…(or snow) we don’t mind. Read more

Japan Pre-Wedding & Engagement – Oirase Gorge and Lake Towada

February 13, 2014
13 Feb 2014

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” ~ Albert Einstein

Life… sharing a poignant full circle today. It was only a few years ago we were in Tohoku unbelievably documenting one of the worst natural disasters in history. Never imagining a time we would ever be back telling life’s most beautiful stories. And yet here we are. At the onset of a glorious fall. At the request of our couple in one of the most stunning World Heritage UNESCO listed areas we’ve had the chance to explore…glorious Towada-ko & Oriase Gorge. A delightful Japan Pre-Wedding & engagement experience bursting with color, extraordinary, breathtaking nature, with love as the canvas… Read more

37 Frames : Kyoto Pre-Wedding & Engagement – A Fall Wonder

February 12, 2014
12 Feb 2014

“If you still believe in magic,
you’re subject to enchantment.” ~ Toba Beta

The season of Love is here… for us though it never really ends. With the last lovely few weeks full of client meetings, bookings, WPPI preparation, a Snowmageddon Tokyo session we are still not quite over, all the while getting ready for our beautiful Spring Pre-Wedding experiences.  Just around the corner. Our Pre-Weddings take us all over Japan. We adore them. And we feature today one of our many Fall encounters (with so many more to come). Almost a year in the planning with our darling Hong Kong couple, that saw us collide in Kyoto. A Kyoto pre-wedding and an Arashiyama pre-wedding. Combined. Exploring this endlessly enchanting city & the iconic, tranquil Sagano Bamboo Forrest & Togetsukyo Bridge at Arashiyama. Just try to forget the hoards and hoards and hoards of people. Donald Duck gets an exception… of course. Reveling in exploding nature, at it’s most spectacular. Chloe & Edmond were show-stopping in Gion, it was the happiest of happy days. An amazing pre-show to their life together… Read more

Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Ristorante e Pizzaria da Ivo – Arabella & Naofumi

February 5, 2014
05 Feb 2014

“For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we are finally home.”  ~ Stephanie Perkins

With wedding season just around the corner we’re featuring one of our loveliest celebrations from late last year. We simply adored this one, a beautiful bond formed with just the most special couple – utterly perfect soul mates. Arabella & Nao. We fell head over heels from the first meeting and have been infatuated ever since with their connection, warmth, sparkling personalities and love of  life. The Tokyo celebration couldn’t have been more beautifully them. Real, natural & relaxed with time in the glorious late-Fall sun taking in the city, before the fabulous, dazzling reception at iconic Ristorante e Pizzaria da Ivo’s. It was a foodie feast with that signature Champagne-Risotto…we will never, ever forget and a shared gala with family & friends from all over the world. Colliding in Tokyo. Where it all started… Read more

Tokyo Wedding Photographers : A Grand Finale

December 19, 2013
19 Dec 2013

“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.” ~ Unknown

Once upon a time we used to blog…And it will be more than a fairytale when we start back in the New Year after this whirlwind year end wraps ups. With  a vengeance. We have so many, many beautiful stories to share. Extraordinary people, remarkable places & all the dovetailing emotion. Before then we couldn’t help but share one of our last weddings of 2013. A grand finale to an astonishing year, we are just so grateful for. Starring the sweetest, loveliest, most incredible person we have had the honor to meet in Japan & on this photo journey. And her equally spectacular soul-mate. If ever, ever, ever there were 2 people more meant to be it is them. And the cast of thousands who came to share in the celebration. It was one surprise after another surprise, after another surprise. Oh-so-perfect for us. All our favorite cast members & people for sure… from the stunning Tokyo American Club. And we were right there, too. A surprise pop in for the main wedding reception. Utter, utter joy and just so much heart. No words for what you mean to us…we’ll leave it to the photos & love… Read more

Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Kanda Myojin Wedding – Kaori & Tatsuji

November 9, 2013
09 Nov 2013

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”  ~ Emily Brontë

Japan. So endlessly fascinating. And we never love it more than when we have a chance to photograph a quintessential Japanese wedding. With all the traditions and trimmings. A stunning shrine, a breathtaking bride, a dashing groom, the meeting of families. Then there’s the intimate, culturally sensitive ceremony & layers upon layers of history & meaning. The poignancy never lost on us, forever enchanting. That we are on this photo journey is a story in itself. And one we are hopelessly grateful for. We pinch ourselves…often…that we bear witness to these celebrations.

And so we absolutely adored being part of Tatsuji & Kaori’s wedding story this October. A beautiful blend of traditions. From old to new, with a more western style reception, a darling first dance, that gown, a groom-mikoshi and then one fabulous after-party (the Nijikai). It was a joy from start to finish, one we loved from their Engagement Session. The wedding unfolded like a Japanese fairytale. Kanda Myojin (神田明神) awash in excitement and love & the elegant Tokyo American Club simply sparkling for the main event. A most perfect fashion to start & celebrate a life together… .

It was also with much joy we welcomed Crystal Schmidt as a 37 Frames Associate Photographer for this wedding. The extraordinarily talented co-owner of Pure Photography & Design. It was such a delight to work together…thank you truly for all your hard work & vision. On with the show… Read more

Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Mariko & Shogo

October 29, 2013
29 Oct 2013

“Love is a dance. That is performed by two hearts. That has the same beat…” Anonymous.

A glamorous, bright & beautifully colorful wedding to feature today…Just like we knew it would be…after their dazzling Engagement Session. Today we celebrate Mariko & Shogo. A couple so perfectly meant to be. Their October wedding starring an amazing bridal party & just the most epic first dance/bridal party performance of the year time. Sigh…because when he picked her up with the spin, the dip and the embrace…well…it was beyond magical…It was such joyful & emotional affair with 2 stunning gowns, the dashing groom, his groomsmen & their vests/suits, the delightful bridesmaids, that cake topper, those darling florals and a Nijikai none of us have probably yet recovered from. So fabulously Tokyo, so them. And. Just. So. Happy. Exuding the definition of elegance… And just the perfect way for their story to start…we hope the dancing never ends.

So happy to have our Associate 37 Frames Photographer Rebecca Hickey support Tracey to tell this lovely story. Many thanks for joining the 37 Frames team for this spectacular wedding. And now…on with the show… Read more