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Traditional Japanese Wedding – Hie Shrine & Tokyo Kaikan

December 23, 2014
23 Dec 2014

“Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.” ~ Rumi

A quintessential Japanese wedding to feature today as we countdown to the end of this extraordinary year. One of our very favorite kinds of celebrations…a beautiful mix of traditional & modern Japan. At a much loved shrine, Hie Jinja. In the heart of Tokyo, on a perfect Fall day. With Junko & Taro …  And it was just so lovely from start to finish. Amid the excitement of the families, to Junko’s reveal in the veiled Shiromoku, the poignancy of the procession (ahhhh….the moments…) & some beautiful portrait time around the historical grounds (even with alllllll the rules…) – it is never lost on us just how lucky we are to have the opportunity to document & record these kinds of stories…from outside looking in and inside looking out. We remain a little spellbound on days like these. And then it was onto the traditional reception at an equally historic venue, Tokyo Kaikan overlooking the Imperial Palace grounds – that iconic rooftop visible from the top floor…as the celebrations went from day to night with happiness overflowing…We’re wishing you both endless more days like this… Read more

A Yokohama Pre-Wedding…

December 17, 2014
17 Dec 2014

“It’s truly a beautiful thing.” ~ Vera Wang

A Show-stopping Pre-Wedding Story to feature today. In one of our most favorite cities – iconic Yokohama. By the bay. Tinged with nostalgia & romance. And you just know if your bride’s an exquisite wedding planner that this is going to be truly something special…and it was beyond seamless. Put together in true Ritz Carlton style…we were treated to an all-star team of stylists, make-up artistry and alllll the details. Pure couture. Then add Wakiko & Kazuhiro and it was sublime. Oh, and did we mention the vintage Rolls Royce that ferried us around town all day? And that Vera Wang gown ( #veramoment ). And the Louboutins…Pinch us. It was all a dream. From the quintessential Yokohama highlights to secluded staircases, historic venues in the heart of town, a bank vault & divine light. A beautiful wedding story unfolded… the sunset finale at that one & only skyline. None of us have stop smiling yet…it was truly an extraordinary day from start to finish – we all utterly, hopelessly felt it. And embraced it!! We wish you both endless more days like these, especially on your gorgeous wedding day & beyond…Much, much love…Dee & Trace xx Read more

I LOVE Tokyo – Tina & Steve

December 16, 2014
16 Dec 2014

“Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart, and the senses.” ~ Lao Tzu

A beautifully fun & fabulous way to start the week starring Tina & Steve. A November romp through Tokyo where there gorgeous story started once upon a time…before their epic wedding this past weekend in Taiwan (CONGRATULATIONS!!!!).We couldn’t have been more excited to connect & plan. So when the day finally arrived it was bliss from start to sparkly finish as we took on the city together. Embracing the modern, the old & all that is this incredible town. Retracing where they first met at Aoyama Gakuin, their favorite Tokyo hangouts, visiting icons & just celebrating this most darling couple – so meant to be, so in love & total, hopeless soulmates. We were completely overwhelmed by their delightful hearts & spirit (& LOVED all the family support!!!). And when that Red Dress came out in the middle of Ginza, we were all spellbound & it was traffic stopping for sure. Big sigh….But more that it was real & heartfelt & absolutely playful – just so THEM. A perfect I Love Tokyo experience… Read more

Park Hyatt Tokyo Wedding

December 15, 2014
15 Dec 2014

Bob: I don’t want to leave.

Charlotte: So don’t. Stay here with me. We’ll start a jazz band. ~ Lost in Translation

2015 is glittering ahead…so many incredible wedding stories in the works…we simply cannot wait as they will take us all over the world. Until then we rewind to some of our favorite celebrations from this year. We’re back in October…again…a spectacular month of wedding bliss for 37 Frames. And to one of city’s most iconic venues…the venerable Park Hyatt Tokyo, a la Lost in Translation fame. Floating among the clouds, 50 floors & more up. It was a lucky rainy day for this lovely couple. A misty skyline, cloaked the celebrations in romance. Classic & elegant, tinged with Jazz, making for an oh-so-Tokyo affair… Read more

Conrad Tokyo Wedding – Reiko & Yusuke

December 11, 2014
11 Dec 2014

“Every second brings you closer to happily ever after…” ~ Anonymous

We’re still not done just yet with our spectacular month of October weddings…and we’re already in December…here’s another favorite…Glamorous, elegant, joyful & truly a delight from the planning stages right through to the most fabulous of days. Yusuke & Reiko were enveloped in love all day – from the getting ready to that sweetest of first looks floating over Tokyo. Reiko a vision…Yusuke always be her side…The Ceremony was moving & made all the more perfect by the most epic flower shower on the iconic Conrad Tokyo Hotel staircase (& the subsequent bouquet/broccoli toss). Their celebration had sooooo many elements, performances, speeches, a stunning reception, a rose ceremony & soooo much more…always buoyed by excitement & just how much everyone was looking forward to this magical day…The COUNTDOWN had been on since they first connected…they are so meant to be & that they came to us through a love of photography always means so much. And that of course meant a quick detour to the heart Ginza to seriously stop some traffic en route to the beautifully fun Nijikai…just a few moments to themselves, to breath in the love, to dance like no one’s watching & be spellbound in each other …A truly extraordinary day…with so many more to come… Read more

Tokyo Westin Hotel Wedding – Mizuho & Kazuya

December 4, 2014
04 Dec 2014

”We need a witness to our lives.  There’s a billion people on the planet, what does any one life really mean? But in a marriage, you’re promising to care about everything.  The good things, the bad things, the terrible things, the mundane things, all of it, all of the time, every day.  You’re saying ‘Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it.  Your life will not go unwitnessed because I will be your witness’.” ~ Shall We Dance…

A very special celebration to feature today…a timelessly beautiful wedding from October. With the sweetest couple ever… just so undeniably meant to be… Mizuho & Kazuya met in dance class. Social dance class. This is “Shall We Dance” in-real-life. Which is why we just had to photograph their Engagement Session in the rehearsal dance studio (post coming soon!!)…. Utter soul mates & just a dream for us to be part of their fairytale story. Commencing in the elegant Westin Tokyo, where we were given time & freedom to document their beautiful day. Mizuho a vision in her gorgeous lace gown. The Westin staircase just so iconic for portraits. We love it when the couple get ready together, it is always so joyful, tinged with nerves and in this case just so lovely as it was quiet & calm & beautifully romantic. They waltzed through the foyer on route to the Church ceremony, poignant & spiritual, then back to the hotel for an intimate reception, with yes, dancing!! It was just a joy from start to finish. With a clandestine dance around Ebisu at the end. A perfect fairytale ending (yes, we just had to find a castle) to the beginning of their story…may the dancing never end… Read more

Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills – Celebrity Wedding

November 27, 2014
27 Nov 2014

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.” ~ Mark Twain

A beautiful, extravagant, epic & quite fabulous celebrity wedding to feature today…staring lovely Junko a Japanese TV announcer, wine connoisseur & simply gorgeous person. We were delighted to be involved in this Summer celebration…which couldn’t have been more us…with the theme drenched in bubbles…yes, it was Champagne dreams all the way with Perrier-Jouët simply everywhere. We honestly never know where this Japan journey will take us. This time made all the more spectacular by the glittering venue – the new Andaz Tokyo Hotel at Toranomon Hills. Adding sparkle & glamor to the iconic Tokyo Skyline. From the 52nd floor the city floated below us, the perfect backdrop for this Love Story. With 3 incredible dresses, 3 pairs of Louboutin’s each, a red carpet, a lovely & super fun bridal party, a moving ceremony, 2 receptions, dancing and just so much more in between. We adored every minute & were so thrilled to be part of such a stellar team, magically coordinated by Ayame & the Andaz.

Out of respect to our super cool groom & his request for privacy (such a great, great guy) we will just be featuring a hint of him. So we cannot feature all our favorites images, but you get the idea…it was some amazing show…(the parasol veil used for the flower shower direct from Yumi Katsura’s recent Paris runway…). Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to Junko for so graciously allowing us all a little peak into her remarkable day. It was truly show-stopping from start to finish…we wish you a lifetime of happiness & love, overflowing with bubbles, wishes & Sabrage!!! Read more

Guam Wedding Photographers : A Magical Rainy Day Wedding – Vany & Brian

November 25, 2014
25 Nov 2014

“May your love be like the misty rain, gentle coming in but flooding the river”.

As Tokyo cloaks itself in a gorgeous Fall, we’re back to the beach featuring a gorgeous Guam destination Wedding from early October. It had everything – dramatic skies, magical rain, dreamy scenery, incredible people and more than anything, it was simply, drenched in Love. We connected so easily with Vany & Brian right from their Engagement Session. It truly felt we had known them forever, so when we finally met in Guam & were welcomed so warmly by their families & friends, who had all made the trip from China, it really was like being at home. They honestly couldn’t have done more for us…and this is never, ever lost on us…it cements why we love what we do. We are just so truly grateful. Just this one experience was so uplifting – honestly melting away many of the frustrations we deal with daily working in Japan. Being surrounded by such beautifully positive people, with a delightful approach to life, love of photography & family was beyond joyful. So respectful & considerate to everyone & just soooooo much fun!! It all started with a breakfast together, then the traditional Chinese tea ceremony, hilarious games & a very thorough decorating of the hotel room. Happiness overflowing!! The day unfolded flawlessly, from the excitement of getting ready, Vany’s exquisite reveal in that spectacular gown – a vision, to the tram ride to the ceremony, upon a romantic hilltop setting. A sprinkling of rain was the auspicious backdrop for moments at the end before moving on to the beach for a quick cloudy sunset & intimate reception – so moving & special & so inclusive. Their perfect day. It was an extraordinary few days & words don’t truly describe how special it all was – for everyone involved…journaling this remarkable love story… Read more

Nagoya Photographers : The Nanzan House Nagoya Wedding – Yasuyo & Sadao

November 20, 2014
20 Nov 2014

“Shall we compare our hearts to a garden –
with beautiful blooms, straggling weeds,
swooping birds and sunshine, rain –
and most importantly, seeds.”
~Grey Livingston

We’re in a blissful blur of weddings & love stories right now as we hurtle towards the end of the year. The last few months have been the busiest ever for 37 Frames…which while beautifully wonderful has taken us away from our beloved blog. We finally have a little time to start sharing again…and feature some amazing celebrations. Today it’s a dream garden setting in Nagoya with a wonderful couple. We adore destination work & are always amazed at where we end up. An early morning ride on the Shinkansen is never lost on us!! The warmth & poignancy of this wedding was tremendous & truly just so joyful, even with a very tightly enforced timeline. It was a coming together of families & soul mates…glamorous & real…and naturally…starring a guest, yes, dressed as a Panda. We LOVE Japan. Sadao & Yasuyo thank you for an extraordinary day…wishing you so many more & a lifetime of happiness… Read more

Yokohama Photographers : Grand Oriental Minato Mirai Wedding – Miki & Takuma

September 9, 2014
09 Sep 2014

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get only with what you are expecting to give — which is everything.” ~ Katharine Hepburn

A beautifully romantic, emotional & terrifically fun celebration to feature today. At the Grand Oriental Minato Mirai. Starring just the sweetest people, their lovely families & friends, who honestly showered us with endless kindness, support & love all day. Unexpected & beyond appreciated. We adored every single minute. Miki & Takuma it was truly joyful to be part of your beautiful story. Perfect soulmates…You had us at the venue, then throw in the rooftop, with that iconic Yokohama view, yes, a pool, your gorgeous style, the incredible bridal party, and all the surprises… From a first look, to a kimono reveal, stunning handmade details, and of course a Chinese lion dance that utterly delighted the guests, a dreamy night shoot with a glittering city backdrop & a fabulous nijikai with 100 spectacular roses for the bride… Swoon. It was all a dream, like we knew it would be. And the perfect way to celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime Love Story… Read more