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“Rhythm is everything in boxing. Every move you make starts with your heart, and that’s in rhythm or you’re in trouble.” ~ Sugar Ray Robinson

Life. You never know where it will take you…today’s post is kind of a metaphor for this last year. Never giving up, challenging yourself, taking on all comers, trying new stuff, duking it out passionately, giving back…So when the Ginja Ninja’s (Nifty, Nimble and yes, Naughty) asked us if we’d like to be involved in the inaugural upcoming Executive Fight Night, we didn’t even need a count. We were so in. Come November 16th Tokyo will have the chance to see how 16 regular participants turned their lives around after 12-weeks of hardcore training to go the distance in the ring. Matched up via weight-class it will be a gala evening of Las-Vegas style boxing. With part of the proceeds going to the fight against Breast Cancer. And we’ll be there. As an official sponsor. Ringside, with the cameras. Trace is ready for action and would do just about anything to announce Let’s get Ready to Rumble. I’ll be there, and will do my best not to jump in the ring when I think they’ve had enough. Before we’re probably detained at the door we had to get the promo shots. And here are some of our favorites with more to come…On a night in Arisugawa Park this is what you might get up to…Fighters (massive respect!) we did our best to get you out of training for a bit. I think the coaches were on to us once the water bottle for the hot & sweaty shots came out… Our job is just sooooo pedestrian. We’ll be back with more updates & oodles of boxing euphemisms as we count down to the big night.

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