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“If you want to know how much I love you, count the waves.”  ~ Anonymous

Today’s feature is a little about us and of course A LOT about them. It’s about waiting and that good things do happen in the course of time. It’s about love, the beach & sunshine, what it means to come home and be surrounded by the unconditional love of family & friends, culminating in an epically fabulous wedding week. Cortnie & Matt, we had been sooooo waiting…  A world away from our kimonos, shrines, rigid rules and timelines. A beautiful blur of stunning white gowns, breathtaking scenery, laughter still echoing, Pat Benatar tributes at the surf club, bridesmaids dancing in the sunset, evenings that melted into mornings, groomsmen (pretty much) under control, hammocks, and early spring days at the coast. All roads led to Little Cove & a gorgeous love affair so very meant to be.