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Dollops and dollops of love, laughter, smiles and sunshine. And yes, for the first part she’s a strawberry. You’ve got to love parents who do that. And we so do. Here’s Sora for her second session in her Baby Frames year (such a change from the first one). And it was probably one of the happiest experiences we have ever had the pleasure to photograph. It was a beautiful start in the family home which featured Dad and a very impressive rendition of The Lime & The Coconut song – which Sora (and all of us…) adored and will never forget… We then ventured outside. Into their local neighborhood and found a sublime temple, tucked away, so iconic, so Japan, just waiting for them. Sora honestly smiled the entire time. So did we. So did her gorgeous family (seriously…mum is stunning…) And we haven’t stopped smiling since just thinking about it. (When life give you limes, just arrange the letters until you get smile…) And if you take a quick look at some of the highlights we are pretty sure, with a strawberry on top, that you might, too…