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“A hero is one who knows how to hang on one minute longer.” ~ (Norwegian Proverb)

Velkommen! We’re back to the blog, we‘re back in Japan and ready to take on the year after a once-in-a-lifetime start which we’d love to share in all it’s beautiful light, learning and yes, often hilarious moments. We’re back from chasing the light in Norway following our Aurora Borealis Photography Workshop at the Top of the World. We went to chase dreams, work hard and find the light. And came away with so much more. (And my stress levels finally A LOT diminished.) Clichéd as it sounds…memories of a lifetime, wonderful, meaningful friendships, and utter awe and amazement at the power and breathtaking beauty of nature and the world beyond this little, spinning planet we call home. We remain spellbound by the stars, the universe and our experience together with just an incredible group of people. Endlessly positive, upbeat and full of life and a love of photography, sharing and risking it all. Some of them, yes really, in high heels in the Arctic Circle…This was a remarkable workshop like none other. One which these two control freaks had no real control over. This was wholly dependent on A) The Weather and B) if the Northern Lights would even show up…Everyone understood this coming into the experience. Life has no guarantees and this was the perfect narrative. We had so many inquires for this trip but we had to be honest, upfront and make people aware of this very simple fact… We may not see the lights. But we will do whatever we can to find them. Be in the best possible place at the best possible time at the peak of this 11 year cycle. Learning always and sharing this love of photography. And never, ever giving up (even if it means driving to Finland…) But there is an element of unpredictability we had to be prepared for. And impart. And this seemed to be a game changer for the type of people who came. Because for us that’s what life’s all about…taking the road less traveled, taking risks, failing much, waiting patiently, being brave when you feel the opposite, but always, always going for it and remaining positive whatever the outcome (with a Plan B in the back pocket…bit of green gel on our Ice Light…) And so on with the show, the many reflections and for one of us (…not mentioning any names…Trace) an adventure or two in the Norwegian emergency room and the loopy aftereffects. It was a journey of a lifetime and we just cannot wait for the next one. Presenting…Part 1 of 3 with the photo layout just a little bit larger than usual… Next stop…top of the world, Tromso, Norway.