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It was picture perfect and a surprise a minute. During our pre-wedding consultations with all our lovely couples we always ask both Bride and Groom what they are looking forward to the most out of their upcoming day. Usually with our brides there is perhaps an emotional response; the unveiling of the dress, being with family and friends, celebrating love. The conversation tends to be seamless. They have so much to share, so much in their hearts after all the months/years of planning. The grooms however may sometimes not get a word in and/or deflect to their bride. We find it prudent in these times to wait and listen (hopelessly hard, as honestly I/we are such talkers and get all a-buzz with the excitement). But sometimes you need to wait and listen and not hurry the answer. For it will come. And that’s when Takeshi answered, “The Show”. We understood. He was most looking forward to celebrating his wedding through the production he and Yumi had planned, entertaining  all the loved guests and making them feel part of this very special day. And so on with the show… And what a beautiful, spectacular, incredible show it was…