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The Stunning Weddings & Couples

“Tracey Taylor and Dee Green of Tokyo’s 37 Frames Photography are award-winning international wedding photographers with a passion for perfection, and the skills and talent to achieve it. Creating images that are evocative, emotional, and truly extraordinary, these accomplished women tell stories with their cameras that read like novels you simply can’t put down. Sought-after for their stunning in-style images, they set trends in Japan, Southeast Asia and around the world…”

~ Junebug Weddings, World’s Best Photographer’s Hotlist


“Never before had we captured our most beautiful and treasured memories until we invited 37 Frames into our lives. This warm-hearted duo make the sessions so fun that even the most unwilling man will have a good time! They both work so hard to make your photos pure and perfect not only on the day of your shoot but a lot of hours dedicated to every session afterwards. I am so appreciative to have met Dee & Tracey, and their beautiful works of art have spread throughout Tokyo like wildfire. They have now have become a household name among the foreign community.”

~ Elana Gilbert… Sept, 2012


“If you want to meet two of the most talented, beautiful, funny, passionate, creative photographers the world and us in Tokyo, have been gifted with, you must book a session with Dee and Tracey of 37 Frames. We love them so much; loved our time with them and cherish the amazing photos we have from our shoot……… while they were shooting Moko commented: “Now I know how to be a model!” That is what they make you feel like……. like there is no one else as beautiful as you. We laughed, we cried and we treasured the moments.”

~ Shelley and Moko… March, 2012


We are so glad we met Trace and Dee; they are wonderful artists and great human beings. While being photographed by them we felt really special, beautiful and really comfortable in front of the camera. They are the sweetest photographers we met until today, always reinforcing our ego! We were completely blown away when we saw the images! Wow. It wasn’t only our image portrayed; we saw our FEELINGS in every photograph of Trace and Dee`s. What can we say; we felt we have done two great friends for life. We are huge fans of you girls! Beijinhos e abraços de Portugal!

~ Nelson & Miriam Paiva… July, 2012


“I wish I could keep 37 Frames all to myself, but they are too good not to share.
Tracey and Dee have an eye for style and a flair for fun… and they are so very professional. Family and friends who see photos from our wedding and other sessions don’t just comment on how beautiful the images are. My best friend summed it up with ‘It’s obvious the photographers care a great deal about you.’ I, too, get that sense when I see their work–there’s empathy for their subjects, whether it’s people or landscapes.
As for my husband: he was initially hesitant to get photos done (big surprise). But now I hear him recommending 37 Frames to his colleagues and friends, because, in his words, ‘they’re in-and-out, and get the shots.’
Tokyoites are lucky to have such personable world-class photographers among us. Selfishly, I hope Tracey and Dee never move away because we’d like them here to capture our future milestones.”

~ Ai Matsuzawa… Sept, 2012


“Tracey and Dee photographed our wedding. But photographed seems to be the wrong word. When I think of how amazing they were on our special day, it brings tears to my eyes. Every photo is like an art piece. They caught every emotion of the day, my family loved them and their mix of documentary style and beautiful portraits made our album breath-taking when it arrived. My hands were shaking as we turned every page. It’ll be a treasured heirloom. We were over the moon when we heard that Tracey and Dee had won an award with one of ‘our’ wedding photos. It made us feel incredibly special. My husband and I are just so relieved that we didn’t hire a photographer from the UK and fly them over as was our original plan. Having 2 world class photographers here in Tokyo is a real treat for all of here in Japan. And the way they handled everything from the first email and meeting, through to the engagement session, the wedding day and then the album design was just so personable, kind and professional.  I’m very happy to say that now our ‘wedding photographers’ have become firm friends. And we will be bringing all our future family memories to them to capture for us.”

~ Catherine & Dan… Nov, 2011


“Dee and Tracey are absolutely fantastic ! Not only were the photos stunning and vibrant, their charm and energy on the day of the wedding really carried over to the wedding guests, making the day an unforgettable one. Their patience throughout photo shooting, proof selections, and revisions made a tedious process a worry-free, terrific experience!”

~ Jeff & Saya Chen… March, 2012


“We both want to say thank you so much for our very special photo session. We absolutely love the photos you took; they truly capture our life and love here in Tokyo and are an amazing record of the very special year we have had.
We would highly recommend your services to anyone who is looking for talented, professional and passionate photographers who can so charmingly persuade a cafe owner to open their roof garden at night to take some marvelous photos! Thanks for putting us at ease!”

~ Y&K – Tokyo… October 2012


“Dee and Tracey were like having two more friends on your wedding, very supporting, fun and relaxing. They definitely will take away any brides’ nervousness. They have different strengths I felt: Dee creates warm ambiances and capture the moments and Tracey gives clear vision and direction. So I think any brides will feel very comfortable. And the results are AMAZING! Dee and Tracey, please save a spot for Enzo’s wedding!! Lucky bride!”

~ Maiko Shoda… Nov, 2011


I share my life with the most reluctant, camera shy boy on the planet and somehow in spite of his awkwardness, Dee & Tracey managed to squeeze out of 25 minutes with us the most amazing and precious photographs. If you want a treasured memory at an iconic location in Tokyo then these talented, passionate and creative photographers should be on your Tokyo bucket list. Thank you so much I have the picture of us holding hands blown up on a huge canvas and I smile every time I look at it.

~ Nancy Jenkins… Sept, 2011


The Fabulous Families

“Tracey and Dee are incredible. They made the entire family feel like they were having fun from the very start of the photo shoot. When I told the family what we were doing their reaction was not great….“We’re having our photos taken? On a weekend? Aaaggghhhh”. By the end of the shoot we had all had an incredible time. Both Dee and Tracey are the most amazing photographers and take opportunities presented to them by the situation and turn them into the most stunning photo memories. We have incredible photos, which represent what Japan means to me especially, and with a huge part of my heart and my soul represented in so many different scenes. We went on to add more locations to our journey with 37Frames and what we have now is a collage of the most amazing photos. You were both an important part in my being able to leave the country of my birth, of my children’s birth, our many, many years in Japan and of our home as a family with a fantastic record of some of those moments. But as I have seen from so many of their photos, Dee and Tracey put their soul into every location and every person who is fortunate enough to pass in front of their cameras. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

~ Conny Jamieson… Sept, 2012


“I must admit I have never been to keen on “photo shoots”, especially family portraits….. it always made me think of a boring 1hr; complete with a boring photographer in a boring room in silly clothes- torture!
Until we met 37 Frames…
We just had our 2nd photo shoot with Dee & Tracey, and once again we had a ball! Their wonderful personalities make the shoot fun and my wife really appreciates their attention to detail when it comes to professional & inventive ways to get the best shots possible. We were so happy when we saw our first photos with our new born baby. I am so thankful we met Dee & Tracey and it was them that captured this amazing moment in our lives.
We cant wait to see the photos of our most recent shoot- I am confident they will be going straight up on the wall!”

~ Nathan, Miki & Sora Schmid… Sept, 2012


“Tracy and Dee seem to be mini-celebrities in their own right in Tokyo. Everyone knows them. And I’m yet to walk into a home where their beautiful images aren’t hanging on the walls or their beautiful books aren’t displayed on coffee tables, of friends and colleagues alike. I knew of all their awards – I had seen their beautiful work – AND they had come so highly recommended. There were big expectations!  And they exceeded them!  For how talented they are, and how world-class their work is, they were so down to earth, relaxing and just so enjoyable!  It wasn’t a photo shoot. It was a total experience. Tokyo is very lucky to have them. However they got my teenagers to look like they actually love each other (and us) I’ll never know!  But seriously, they have caught our family in such a beautiful way. I have returned to the US with my family. Their beautiful art adorns our walls. My family is smiling and natural and radiating joy. It is such a gift. We have since had some sessions done here at home in the search for a similar photo shoot but they have been nothing like what we experienced with Dee and Tracy. So, we’ve booked in for a 37 Frames ‘experience’ on our visit to Japan this coming Fall. Looks like we’ll be having to come back to Japan for all our family photos. Or get you to the US very very soon. Thank you Tracy and Dee. What you’ve given us is very special indeed. You are truly amazing at what you do.”

~ The Wright Family… Sept, 2012


“Glad to have the opportunity to talk about these two beautiful people, Dee and Trace who spread smiles, confidence and beauty through their amazing photographic work, talent and personality. I have worked with them several times (for family shoots and events) and feel truly blessed to have had the chance to do so. Their work is outstanding, professional and technique truly superb! Whether you like being in front of the camera or not, they will make you feel most comfortable and bring the best out of you. The places they pick for their sessions are  perfect for complimenting your own beauty and personality. You will find yourselves bonding with the colors and nature around you and feel uplifted by the photographers’ energy, humor and love of life. The images you will see at the end will reflect that and the moment that’s captured will be a priceless memory and something to be really proud for. Dee and Trace thank you both for sprinkling your magic into our lives and I wish you always the very best of success!!”

~ Chrissi Theodorakakos… October, 2012


“It’s difficult to put into words how grateful I am for the wonderful photos we have from Dee and Tracey.  We have had Dee and Tracey photograph our family several times over the past two years.  They always manage to capture our kids at their best and most real.  The sessions are so enjoyable and we all feel like stars!  Dee and Tracey make us all feel so comfortable that my son thinks we are just playing, rather than having our pictures taken!  Each session has been so memorable and really captured our family at a moment in time.  We will always cherish the photos from Dee and Trace during our time in Japan, and also the memories of time spent with them capturing our family on film.” 

~ Kris Freitas… Sept, 2012


At first I was worried about the price of getting family photos done. I shopped around and found a cheaper deal and booked us all in. The photos that came back to us were not at all what we wanted or representative of us as a family. Everyone kept telling me that I should have gone with 37 Frames. So I went back to their website and found myself lost for hours in their imagery and stories. I booked us in for a photo session with them only a week after we had gotten back the photos from our prior photographic experience with a different photographer. My husband hit the roof! There was no way he was going to “waste” another day off. The kids were pouting, he was moody and I almost cancelled. Luckily my stubborness won out and I dragged the family along to meet Dee and Trace of 37 Frames the next weekend.  Within 5 minutes, the kids were laughing and playing. My husband was enjoying himself and most importantly, these two amazing ladies captured our family in a way that I could only have dreamed of.  We look natural and loving instead of stiff and bored. And most importantly, it was my husband’s suggestion that we book in for another shoot this year for holiday cards.  Now after a workshop with 37 Frames and two shoots, I totally understand the investment in quality photography. And I will never again ‘shop around’ when it comes to something as important as my family and capturing it’s history and life here in Tokyo. Thank you Dee and Trace. My family love you.

~ The Robinsons… Oct, 2012


“37 Frames gives you the WOW factor. With two squirmy boys in our family of 5, getting everyone to take pictures is a feat all in itself. Tracey and Dee always manage to capture the essence of what makes our family unique. Everything they do translates to our family scrambling over the photo previews to squeals of delight and WOWs over all the photos. Thanks 37 Frames – we love working with you both, and we love the magic you create”

~ The Boek Family… Sept, 2012


“At first we did one mini-session – just to give 37 Frames a try. It was wonderful! The pictures were magic! Tracey and Dee put us at ease instantly – and I mean instantly. I cannot say how important this was for us. We were feeling a little awkward about being in front of the camera, but it was a so much fun. Dee and Tracey truly combine professionalism with personality, making everyone comfortable and getting the very best memories. Our daughter lost her shyness straight away and just glowed for these lovely ladies! Now, 3 mini-sessions and a workshop later we are looking forward to our first longer session. These photos are without a doubt the most important investment we have made in our family time here in Japan. You can take a good photo, but you can never capture your whole family together. And we seem even more relaxed around Tracey and Dee than we are even on our own! They create a special atmosphere that lightens the mood for the whole shoot resulting in truly gorgeous photos. These pictures are family treasures to us now.”

~ Sibyl, Nathan & Daphne… Sept, 2012


“Dee and Tracey have been our go-to photographers for the past 3 years. In fact, they have been documenting our daughter’s life since she was 6 months old and they are the only photographers that she is comfortable being with. Compared to studio photographers, their outdoors approach felt much more natural for our family especially since we’re not the type of family that can sit still indoors for photos. Both of them have been so much fun to work with and they do such an amazing job of capturing our family in our most natural state that we always look forward to the sneak peeks and the photos. The results from every session have always been stunning which makes it very hard for us to choose just a few! We have always loved working with them and plan to continue having them document our lives in the future as our family continues to expand.”

~ Jennifer & Jason Gong… Sept, 2012


The pictures are a precious gift.  You two really out-did yourselves.  The setting and staging were gorgeous.  The joy and energy and innocence that the girls radiate in the photos is overwhelming.  It was truly magical… so full of love.

~ Linda Mueller… May, 2012


“Pregnant and looking for a photographer to take newborn pictures, I was referred to Dee and Tracey. We immediately fell in love with the photos on their website, which were amazing and so different from the traditional newborn photos. Without having met them, I signed up for 3 sessions of photos to document our son’s first year. The BEST parenting decision I have made to date. We loved all 3 of our sessions with vivacious Tracey and Dee. We now have beautiful, tender, fun, and unique photos of our son’s first year. Thank you for creating such wonderful memories for us!”

~ Neal, Francois and Manisha… Oct, 2012


Our photo session with Dee and Tracey was amazing!
I have never been a fan of having my photo taken, but it did not at any time feel like a photo session! It was fun and we all loved it! Truly talented, they make you laugh and feel relaxed!
When we received our photos it was fantastic that Dee and Tracey had captured the true essence of our family as it really is.
Thank you. The world’s best xxxx

~ Ann-Marie Gregory… Sept, 2012


“Japan is an extraordinary place to live and I wanted a way to commemorate our time here. After seeing Dee & Tracy’s website, I knew they would be the best photographers to capture a “Day in Our Tokyo Life”. From the minute I contacted them to the day I received my images, Dee & Tracy were not only professional, but incredibly enthusiastic. They made my whole family feel comfortable during the shoot. They worked so well with my 5-year old son (keeping up with him all over the place!) that by the end of our time together he said, “when can we do that again?” And the photographs are amazing! Dee & Tracy captured my family’s Tokyo story with beautiful images that I will cherish for many years.”

~ Andrea Bryant… Sept, 2012


“Wow. I cried when I watched the sneak peek!!! That video traveled the world and back. My family at home loved it too. There are no words to thank you both enough for helping us remember our time here in Japan in such a beautiful and meaningful way.”

~ Beth Newton… Dec, 2011


“37 Frames was referred to us a year ago by a friend and like many, we dragged our feet and never got around to calling. One day I saw a mini-session promo and decided to call since we really wanted Sakura Season family photos. We met Dee and Tracey in April and what a pleasure it was and has been. Immediately we felt at ease with these lens loaded pros. The weekend we chose to photograph was still a bit early for the blossoms, so we took spring photos in the park. After seeing a teaser of the day, they were stunning, so we re-booked for the following weekend to try another chance at cherry blossoms. It’s really a shame, and all our loss, that we waited a year to call. When we saw our photos we tried to choose a few, and it was hopeless, we loved each and every photo. I have no idea how these two ladies captured a moment in each photo, but they did-RAW TALENT! The best part is our son started walking 4 days prior and now we have the cutest video of him taking first steps. The Gonzales Family LOVES YOU GALS!”

~ The Gonzales Family… Sept, 2012


“Before I even met Dee and Trace, I sensed in our e-mail exchanges that these gals were pure gold! Right from the get-go, they made us feel like we were catching up with long-time friends. I had brought my daughter’s trike as a prop and they were so open to using it for the shoot and immediately picked up on the images that I was hoping for. I didn’t even need to explain myself. They just got it! The photos on the Shibuya crossing of our 9 month old Mio and her pink trike turned out perfectly! Mio was so comfortable with Dee and Trace that she went straight to them for some lovely snuggley hugs after our session ended and it was so touching to see. I had such a blast too with them and was buzzing for the rest of the week. Dee and Trace are two extremely talented ladies, not only behind the camera with their creativity, intuition and observation skills, but they have the rare gift of being able to connect with people in a warm and loving way. Their passion and enthusiasm for life rubs off on everyone they come in contact with. Two truly beautiful ladies.”  xxx

~ Nicole Nemoto… Oct, 2011


“We have had so much fun with Dee and Tracey. They make you feel comfortable and always capture real, spontaneous moments. We love to show off our beautiful memories everywhere! Even though we don’t live in Tokyo anymore, we make it a point every time we visit to have a session with 37 Frames”.

~ Christine Nagao… Nov, 2011


“Dee and Trace complement each other so well as a team that a family photo shoot with them was not the usual tedious, tiring and artificial event as I have experienced in the past. Trace unassumingly takes care of the technical side of things whilst Dee works her magic with the children. Because of this, the photos they produced for us were not only technically brilliant but were also very natural. The expressions they captured from all of us were very authentic. In the past I have had trouble choosing a photo from a selection that I want to keep because none felt right. With Dee and Trace we had trouble choosing which ones to frame because all the photos were so special.”

~ Narelle English… Dec, 2009


“Dee and Tracey are the most energetic, warm-hearted and engaging people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I am extremely uneasy in front of a camera and have absolutely no photos of myself. However, Dee and Trace made me feel instantly at ease and somehow managed to catch photos of me that didn’t make me look like my mother! I will treasure the memories of a wonderfully fun photo session and will enjoy the pictures of me, my daughter and our dog forever. I wish I could meet up with them both again sometime for more fun and photos. Oh, and Trace is a supremely good dog catcher!”

~ Carole Hallett Mobbs… Oct, 2012


The Incredible Industry Friends, Vendors, Mentors & Students

“I really want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart, for not only reigniting my passion for capturing memories, but for bringing to light, a potential in myself that I had never seen before.  I know I have a long way to go, but there were some really essential basics that I needed to understand, and never got from any previous workshops.  You’ve opened a door for me.  A lot seemed to come together in one day!!!  Understanding those basics has made me realize, I don’t want to take great photos, I want to take EXCEPTIONAL photos.  So, I am on my journey, ready to really learn how to do this!  It’s very exciting for me.
You have such an incredible thing to give back, you know?  I want to say it’s a gift, but I know how hard you have worked and don’t want to down sell your talents!  Your ability to tell a story the way you do, both in writing and pictures, is something quite extraordinary.  But moreover, your passion and hearts just ooze immense love and joy.  I really aspire to be like you guys.  Not just as a photographer, but as a woman, seeing the world and it’s glory & tragedy in a light that a lot of people choose to turn a blind eye to.  YOU GUYS ROCK!”

~ Mel Fabrici… August, 2012


“I think what a lot of people don’t realize about Tracey and Dee is just how amazingly versatile they are. They are top notch photographers and fine artists in so many fields, and in our industry that is just too damn rare! With accolades in landscape and travel, awards in Commercial and Fashion photography – all from prestigious competitions, medals in News Photography in Europe, landscape exhibitions … working with Facebook, Bank of America, I could go on and on. And what they are most known for right now, and most passionate about right now – their emotional and stunning collection of weddings and family portraits. They seek knowledge and professional development on a daily basis, continuing to learn and grow and excel in any field they participate in. And they share that knowledge! It’s hard to find anyone in the industry who doesn’t respect their artistry, their passion and their talents. Thanks for being such bright lights in the industry. We owe you.”

~ J.P McFadden… Sept, 2012


“We met Tracey and Dee at our Davis Love Story Real Wedding + Workshop in Nashville, Tennessee but that’s not where we fell in love with these two beautiful women.  From their first email, we were completely smitten.  Two girls from Australia, living in Japan……. who couldn’t resist their beautiful smiles and most of all their incredible sense of humor.  Since Nashville, they followed us to our next Real Wedding + Workshop in Italy where we spent 6 days living in a 500 year old castle getting to know the ins and outs of who they are as people.  Beyond their adorable accent, these women are incredibly genuine.  There isn’t a person alive that meets them who doesn’t fall head over heals in love with them.  Not only are they genuine, they are insanely gifted photographers/bloggers.  Just look at their work and read their words, you will fall head over heals in love with them as well.  They both compliment each other’s style and know how to capture the story beautifully.  We know this because we renewed our vows in Italy and they captured the most amazing photos of our family.  Whoever has the pleasure of working with or just being friends with Tracey and Dee are surely in for a treat.”

~ Bob & Dawn Davis… September, 2012