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Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Emiko & Yugo

September 20, 2013
20 Sep 2013

“When you dance, I wish you a wave o’ the sea, that you might ever do nothing but that.” ~ William Shakespeare

A beautifully real & oh-so-effortlessly elegant wedding to share today. It was the Tokyo finale of a story which started with an Hawaiian wedding first in July. Now it was time for the Japanese celebration with treasured friends & family from around the world.  And a very fabulous one it was. Completely double the fun.  Starring a stunningly gorgeous ballerina bride & her dashing groom. It was such a joy to be part of this dance-inspired affair. From the darling details, those dresses, the Louboutins, the Tom Ford suit, that BELT, seeing them together…sigh…that bouquet, a breathless first dance (that left us speechless after the rehearsal, then mesmerized for the main event),  an amazing DVD, the Photo Booth, moving, emotional tributes & speeches, a groom & his selfie, and simply over-flowing love. There was the iconic Tokyo skyline nearby with the stellar team at TAC on hand to make it spectacular & seamless, with a tremendous buffet & even a casino. And there were those adorable playing cards… Sharing the day together in photos, moments, the big & small while having some time with just the 2 of them to inhale it all, was something very special. And an honor to be part of. We so loved documenting this story. If there were ever two people meant to dance through life together, well, it’s them…and now on with the show… Read more

Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Tokyo American Club Wedding

September 6, 2013
06 Sep 2013

When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew. ~ William Shakespeare

The stunning Tokyo American Club was chosen for this beautiful August wedding and the stellar TAC team always know how to put on an AMAZING celebration. We love working with venues who understand the value and importance of wedding photography. And we LOVE that  the planners & staff at TAC always work with us to provide couples with a much treasured photojournalistic approach to the day. And as always, our fabulous wedding planner at TAC, created the ultimate day for this wonderful couple. And it was joyous from start to finish, highly emotional and a love story so meant to be…

The moving ceremony was held in the enchanting St Alban’s Church, almost right under iconic Tokyo Tower. Dramatic clouds, a perfect backdrop. Afterwards, it was off to TAC’s Manhattan Ballroom for what would be a casual but beautifully elegant reception and nijikai. With a moving first dance, a surprise video with an inspired secret message from ‘the’, a fabulously fun dance floor, and family and friends from all over the world.

We adore photographing weddings at the Tokyo American Club, and this one was definitely no exception.

I gotta feeling…
That tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good, good night

And it truly was. Read more

Yokohama Wedding Photographers : Miki & Yass

August 11, 2013
11 Aug 2013

“We fly away the shining future…” Miki & Yass ~ The Marriage Certificate

We’ve never had a wedding like it. And we don’t expect another anytime soon. It’s everything we love about Japan – one fascinating surprise & experience after the next. And an endless parade of characters continuing to leave us spellbound. And so we’ll try in a few words and photos to tell this beautiful, emotional, quite fabulous, eclectic, supremely cool, moving, random, & epic celebration. Of Yass & Miki. It was some ride. A couple so meant to be it defies explanation and our regular heavy-use of adjectives.  For this wedding’s the one where the groom had cornrows, the bride was breathtaking, there was a museum dedicated to THEM, there were sunglasses, name badges, a fire-dancing spectacle, jugglers with knives, tears and more emotion than we have ever seen in all our years in Japan. There was an Anpaman mask, the sweetest, happiest bridal party, a hip-hop poolside reveal, a gum-ball machine at registration, an incredible venue and countless accessory changes. There was that bike, the fireworks finale, summer cider, an exchange of vows and a marriage certificate signed with crayons. And there was the pool. Which was of course used, more than once, by the end. It was an utter joy from start to finish, with all the subtleties of the Japan we can’t explain, the production of those in the wedding industry and a love that knows no bounds. Yes, we adored every single minute of it. And here are a few highlights…one fabulous, no-holds-barred ride. At the コットンハーバークラブ(横浜)… Read more

Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Yuka & Kyung Sam

August 4, 2013
04 Aug 2013

“If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true…” From Yuka (& her details…via Cinderella)

It was glamorous & romantic. Beautifully sweet and real. It was equally chic & cool. With a dash of Dolce & Valentino. In 2 sublime venues. The Wedding at Aquavit in Aoyama & the Nijikai at Sabuku no Bara in Ginza. It was all about the amazing, endless details and the care & time & passion that went into preparing for this joyous celebration. It was about a Bride with a vision we adored from that Engagement Session. It was about 2 hearts becoming one. On a hot summers’ day. It was gorgeous, and full of love, endless laughter and some pretty fabulous people. In black & white with a splash of red. There was a snow machine, the unexpected (hello torrential downpour), the first dance & some epic first bites. And by the end it was one awesome, non-stop party. A true celebration of a true love Story. Yuka & Kyung Sam…so perfect for each other, absolute soul-mates…and this is how their happily ever after started. Read more

Tokyo Wedding Photographers : Mayo & Tomo – The Tanabata Wedding

August 3, 2013
03 Aug 2013

“If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you’ve made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.” ~ Anonymous

Tadaima!! We’re back to summer loving & wishing with today’s inspired Tanabata (7/7) dream wedding. We have so much to share from our time away in Europe & the UK . So many fabulous stories, people, encounters & moments. All will feature soon, a very happy diversion from the heat right now…as we get ready for an incredible ride through to the end of 2013. For today it’s all about wishes coming true, which has certainly been a relevant theme for us this year.  Half way through an Italian adventure we had for the first time trans-continental dual weddings. Trace in Europe and Dee flying back to Tokyo for Mayo & Tomo’s beautiful day. And here is how the Japan wedding unfolded, assisted by 37 Frames Associate Photographer (& dress savior…) Taro Irei. It couldn’t have been hotter. 38 sweltering degrees. Or more lovely. Throw in stunning kimonos, true love, heartfelt wishes, traditions, a splendid shrine, endless ice packs, a nod to Hollywood, one rocking party, a gorgeous Tokyo crowd, the stellar TAC service and finally clear skies…And it was a match already written in the stars… Read more

Japan Wedding Photographers : Moe & Ryo – The Wedding

April 11, 2013
11 Apr 2013

A Spring Wedding. The perfect season to start a new life together. And for us a romantic diversion from all those beautiful blossoms, blossoms and more blossoms of recent weeks. We knew this March affair would be spectacular. Right from that Engagement Session, filled with endless laughter and cuddles (it was freezing, thus a necessity) and a trip to the-one-and-only house of chokky. They were so meant to be. And we just couldn’t wait to continue their story. Pana-love, we were soooooo waiting for more.  And then we fell even more in LOVE when we arrived on the big day to find those 3 fabulous wedding dresses…Each one exquisite and oh-so-Moe. This was going to be one dazzling day of celebrating and it came to be one of the most emotional weddings we have had the honor to photograph. The classic glamor, the sweetness, the smiles, the remembering, the passion & sentiment, the joy of family & friends, the love that binds & lingers. Tokyo style. They were a vision of love, in this, their springtime of life together…On with the show…Moe & Ryo… Read more

Japan Wedding Photographers : Moe & Ryo – The Engagement

March 28, 2013
28 Mar 2013

“What comes from the heart will go to the heart”. ~ Renae Lucas-Hall

From blossom season to our next love affair…Wedding Season…here we go, and we simply cannot wait! We are so excited for Moe & Ryo’s wedding this coming Saturday. It will simply be the most beautiful celebration of love and life. And we were so lucky to catch a glimpse of who they are and the marriage they will make in their very cool (it was beyond freezing!!) Engagement Session. We took to the local streets of Omotesando in February for a carefree, love & laughter infused afternoon. Just them being them…Louboutin’s, La Maison du Chocolat, the Crossing and all. It couldn’t have been anymore us and a perfect reflection of them. We learnt all about Pana-Love (they met at Panasonic…and this is the term used to describe couples who fall head over heels while on the job!!!) Love Pana-Love!! He gives her a Cartier Ring. We drop by the storefront, it’s referential & real & just the spot for hugs to keep warm in. The sun glow, belying the chill. They never noticed it. This part of city such a favorite. Iconic, fashionable and oh-so-Tokyo.  It was a joy from start to finish and just the prelude of all the love to come…We never stopped smiling. Moe & Ryo…their connection deep, beautiful, infectious and yes, cool. It’s going to be one stunning wedding x x x Read more

Japan Wedding Photographers : Mia & Kent – The Wedding

March 17, 2013
17 Mar 2013

“One’s not half of two; two are halves of one.” ~ E.E. Cummings

We’re back from the US and one of the world’s most dazzling cities (Las Vegas!!!), running on fumes, jetlag, the WPPI high, a promise of early blossoms this year and oodles of stories & news to share.  We are finally back to our beloved blog. Wow, we’ve missed you. With some 80+ drafts waiting in the wings… This special post has been in the works for quite some time…in hotels from California to Chicago, at 36,000 feet, on and off the road,  we just couldn’t wait to share one of the most light-filled, love-infused weddings from last year. Sweet, bright, joyful in every sense. If there was ever a perfect match then it’s Mia and Kent. Soulmates, one half of each other. Destined to be together. From the moment we met them for their dramatic Engagement Session in Yokohama through to this most spectacularly fun, romantic and emotional wedding, these two only had eyes for each other. And here are some of the very many highlights of this dreamy celebration… Read more

Japan Wedding Photographers : Mia & Kent – The Engagement

November 15, 2012
15 Nov 2012

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.”  ~ Author Unknown

Just. So. In. Love. That’s where we are right now. In love with life, possibilities, the fact that our email is back, Fight Night being one restless sleep away, opportunities and most definitely this fabulous couple. Kent & Mia. Head over heels. And here’s where we start the story, at the engagement session. In iconic Yokohama. Not even a typhoon could keep them apart. How’s that for a beginning? Yep, on the day of the session a typhoon was forecast, so we quickly called to see if they’d still like to go ahead (secretly, of course, hoping they would, because an epic romp in the rain is what we’re all about…) We made the call. And they were still up for it, euphoric and ready to go. We met a little earlier and it was love at first sight. The sweetest couple ever, so excited to start their life together, remember the day, the feelings, the start of it all. It took them no time to get us and it all just flowed. So honest and heartfelt, even when the torrential rain came down right at the end. Perfect timing. Umbrellas inside out, passionately embracing life, facing the elements together. The start of all good things. All very cinematic and soooo their story. I don’t think any of us have stopped smiling since. And there’s so much more to come, because their November wedding has left us breathless. Until then here are some Hama-time highlights…

Read more

37 Frames : Lani & Sam – That Tokyo Love Story Finale…

October 30, 2012
30 Oct 2012

“My heart is, and always will be, yours.” ~ Sense and Sensibility

Tokyo. We’re back after the most perfect destination beach wedding in Australia.  It was an amazingly beautiful week seeing family and friends after almost 2 years away. And yes, there were photos galore. And then some. Which will all feature here very soon, including a stunning Love Story to finish off a magic and emotional trip home. We were straight off the plane and into another wedding as peak season continues. And we are simply loving it all. And will sleep sometime around end of March 2013. There’s so much to catch-up on. Oodles of news. And we’ll get to it all eventually (and my inbox…) But for today it’s back on with the Tokyo show. And what better way to start than with The Finale. Lani & Sam. It all started with the Proposal. Who could forget that breathless moment…floating high above the city where it all went down. Then there was The Wedding Party. With that iconic kiss in the rain. With the weather not on our side for the portraits that evening, we all decided on an alternate date. A last chance to wear the dress and take on the city by night…again.  The perfect ending, mirroring the start. The city we all love. From the sparkling lights of Shibuya, to the elegance of Omotesando. Backstreets, stolen kisses and a nod to the fashion houses and labels of love. It was a showstopping end, reflected in thousands of literal mirrors, me doing endless laps on the escalators (happy to entertain) and Lani & Sam simply soinlove  on that most famous Tokyo corner. An intersection of dreams, new beginnings and what lies ahead. It was also probably this point that Lani & Sam trended on instagram from the massive crowd of onlookers. One for the memoirs, for sure. What a night…and now for some highlights…

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