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Wedding Collections

Your wedding day. One of the most wonderful, whirlwind days you’ll spend together. An event like no other & the start of it all, unique and beautiful to the both of you. The event that brings all your people together, in one place, at a time never to be repeated, to share in your story.

Choosing how to best remember your wedding is one of the most important decisions when planning for your day. These are your memories. The images and the moments of a defining celebration to take with you through life. The photography and those moments captured forever, is what remains from all the planning & hard work & your wedding vision.

37 Frames Clients & Couples instinctively understand that wedding photography and artistry is simply an essential beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime investment. Choosing a team led & trained by Master Photographers is part of the 37 Frames experience and will ensure that your day is photographed with the utmost professionalism, attention to detail, thoroughly & with technical precision. The myriad of challenges each & every wedding presents will be handled delicately and with flair. The end result is your Love Story, something tangible to take away from the day.

All our Collections include an elegant modern Fine Art Album, beautifully designed for you & your families. For future generations who will treasure seeing the love & laughter shared on one of the most important days of your life.

37 Frames would love to tell your Love Story. It’s what we do, as we passionately go our way specializing in Weddings all over the world. With our 37 Frames award-winning cameras, fun & fabulous team and your wedding story, the big day will be documented as the work of art that it is.

Everyone deserves the very best on their wedding day. 37 Frames has collections to suit all budgets and all stories.

37 Frames Master Wedding Photographer Collections …
Have your celebration covered beautifully by two Master Photographers. With artistry, stunning creativity & technical precision. When investing in a Master Photographer you are hiring an accredited & talented veteran with a track record, peer recognition, and a passion for creating heirloom images of your wedding. For you. Always putting you first. A Master Photographer has made a dedicated career of producing images that couples cherish for a lifetime. A selection of generous Collections available &  a truly remarkable experience assured.

37 Frames Creative Wedding Collections …
We have an exceptionally accomplished collective of talented and award-winning photographers excited to dynamically tell the story of your day. At 37 Frames we appreciate that every couple has a different wedding budget, different needs & a different story. Which is why we are pleased to offer some alternate Creative Collections, photographed beautifully by our 37 Frames Photographers. Collections range from a single photographer to 2 photographers. We always suggest 2 primary photographers so your day will be covered from every angle in a stunning cinematic style.

37 Frames Photographers are fully trained in all facets of the 37 Frames signature style by Tracey & Dee, Master Photographers & Creative Directors of 37 Frames Photography. Our 37 Frames photographers are professionally accredited & award-winning photographers working towards becoming a Master of Photography & higher. They deliver meaningful images. Fashion-forward. Timeless & contemporary. Known for a thorough documentary & journalistic approach with a dash of epically poetic portraits, the creative focus is always on you just being you… 37 Frames photographers deliver.

Hiring an accredited photographer ensures professional standards for guiding the artistry of wedding photography is of the highest level worldwide. Our talented & dedicated PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS are ready to bring your story to life.”

37 Frames Destination Wedding Collections…
The world is the perfect canvas for any love story and there’s nothing we adore more at 37 Frames than our Destination Wedding appointments. There’s something so special about celebrations where everyone flies in, from all over, to be present, for you. Our love of travel is equal only to our love of taking the road less traveled. We are passionately curious which we strive to reflect in our imagery. For our destination clients this means we find every location breathtakingly new & exotic. We will see it & record it that way, with a fresh perspective and infinite love & appreciation of what goes into all the planning.

Experience why 37 Frames was currently named one of the most sort-after destination teams in the world, known for our adaptability, thoroughness and absolute client care & dedication. Whether it’s a remote beach in Mexico, a 6-star resort in Vietnam, an intimate garden wedding in the mountains or an epic extravaganza over several days, we are just a flight away.”

Wedding Collections starting from ¥300,000. For pricing and information (plus a little LOVE letter from us…) please contact 37 Frames HERE.

You can browse the 37 Frames Wedding portfolio here.

We look forward to being a part of your beautiful day and telling your spectacular story soon…